Why do you want to know?... GET OUT OF HERE S.T.A.L.K.E.R!

Hello i am cap.

I am a friendly person who plays games.

I have discord if you want to get my attention on there its

Funny chats ive had
Jam: I hate yot
Jam: You
Cap: i hate yachts too. fucking rich people. thinking they own the ocean.
Jam: I meant i hate you cap
Antwon Anvari: Ey kid, wanna buy an O
Cap: yes
Cap: heres a copy of fallout 4
Antwon Anvari: Sorry that will only get you a Q
Cap: ah...
Cap: ok
Cap: ill take it
Antwon Anvari: Here you go
Antwon Anvari: Gives Q
Cap takes Q
Skits: that last guy when we come in will just be like,
"hello, is it me your looking fooor?"
Skits: *kills the guy*
Cap: he just got adel-leted
Cap: i just channeled my inner tear of grace
CykaBlyatHleb: I hate geometry
CykaBlyatHleb is now Away.
Cap: ?
Cap: idk about you
Cap: but Geometry rocks
Cap: get it
Cap: geo
Cap: rocks
Cap: :D
CykaBlyatHleb is now Online.
CykaBlyatHleb: eat a dick >w>
Cute Schizo ❤: right im not sure how to react to that
Cute Schizo ❤: apart from calling you an Eggheaded Albatross thinging thing dinger ding bell man swoopering his legs upside in the name of lord master cunt baby dan. because means something in fuck all language i suppose
Cap: wut XD
Cap: I will have this carved into drift wood
Cap: and put above my fireplace
Cap: that was glorious.

90% of teenagers would cry if Justin Bieber was going to jump off a skyscraper, put this on your profile if you are part of the 10% that would yell "Do a backflip!"
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