Ʀɳƅɯ Zsoka
Sophia   Ontario, Canada
It feels good to be running from the devil

Kelizabeth ~ [vocaroo.com]

11:08 AM - at least 80 years: 4 dudes 1 meatball no homo
11:08 AM - here's to another 80: i mean that sounds pretty homo though

4:01 PM - Belt: I'll be at your funeral
4:01 PM - Belt: I can finally resurrect someone
4:02 PM - Ʀɳƅɯ Zsoka: I knew I could count onn you
4:02 PM - Belt: :D
4:03 PM - Belt: I know, I'll even turn you into a demon
4:03 PM - Belt: I'm the best
4:04 PM - Ʀɳƅɯ Zsoka: its even better

11:50 PM - Belt: let me see if i can work my vaginal magic
11:50 PM - Ʀɳƅɯ Zsoka: throw stripper glitter at people
11:50 PM - Belt: i always keep it in my fanny pack

My darling of 6 years ♥
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im telling
Ladyboy Mar 3 @ 7:58am 
i set my steam to say i live in ontario as well, that means we're basically married now right?
Ladyboy Mar 3 @ 7:52am 
if i had four quarters to give to the prettiest girls in the world, you'd have a dollar
Ladyboy Mar 3 @ 7:51am 
you know most people call me kelizabeth, but you can call me anytime c;
Ladyboy Mar 3 @ 7:50am 
roses are red
violets are blue