New Jersey, United States
Okay, so, I like to play video games. Like Nuclear Throne, among other things.
I like to draw, most of my icons are made by me.

Not much else to see here.

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ShadowHawx14145 Aug 14 @ 11:01am 
Robot, have you seen the people?
Night Skies May 15 @ 2:01pm 
succ 4 art?
Overwhelmingly May 15 @ 1:00pm 
fucking rude
Candel May 15 @ 12:44pm 
Kids these days. Always askin' for free art. Y'know, back in MY DAY, we actually had to work for the things we wanted. We didn't do drugs on other people's lawns and then ask them for free art, no. We would have to chop down trees and make them into pencils and paper and draw our own art. I remember making a work of art by using the blood from my hand as ink and the splinters in my fingers as a drawing utensil! But no, kids these days don't know how to do anything like that!
Overwhelmingly May 15 @ 12:40pm 
It would be if you were drawing me free porn.
Candel May 15 @ 12:11pm 
This is a drug free zone!