1k hrs in sfm lel wasted time
Carol   Romania
/r/CakePlex ;)

SFM Artist, A bit of Photoshop, A bit of 3D Modelling and silliness!...

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Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.

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Welcome to my profile !
I am CakePlex!

I accept all random friend requests. Hopefully you added me for a poster commission or to play TF!

lemme get uhhhhhh: typing with my foot
CakePlex SFM Posters: if you were a girl
CakePlex SFM Posters: id be turned on
CakePlex SFM Posters: but otherwise its gross

                                            I am Romanian !

My real name is Carol, I believe it's Charles in english ; I much preffer being called CakePlex

Languages: ; ; ;

I also make SFM Posters

Not many people request but I believe it is good to have this section here!


1 Class Poster 4     

2 Class Poster 6     

4 Class Poster 9     

6 Class Poster 15   

Meet The Team Poster 1 or more, depending on several factors !    

                  Meet The Team Poster may take longer than 24Hr to deliver!

                                                       Said Factors

Number of Unusuals
   Number of extra props requested
     Extra other requests that I cannot think of right now.

I can't stress this enough, but please try not to request a poster that is filled with a million things. "Ey, yo, can you get me that scout backflip riding a shark in a desert full of spycrabbing engineers"

NSFW Posters are ABSOLUTELY off the table, or any love-related posters such as a character kissing another character.

          This goes to the donators, and everyone who requested my work!

I like me better

You just want attention!

You left me homeless...

I'm a creep!

Goodbye ;)


I can't resist!

                                                                Trading Info
                                                           Not an active trader
                                                         But open for any offers

Online for gaming / SFM posters from ~10:00 AM - 20:00 PM CET

Can I have a free poster - Probably, but I won't tell you "Hey, I'm making a free poster for you". It'll be a surprise.

Can I have a free item - After looking in my inventory, you'll wish to give me an item. (I'm poor)

Can you help me with SFM - There are alot of experienced SFM users out there that can help you, I'm not one of them so good luck.

This poster isn't what I expected, can you change that - Sure, but you'll have to wait a bit so I can go through the finishing process again.

Online - Obviously, online. I will answer immediately.

In-game (Most of the times In-App SFM) - If in a game, I'll answer fast because I'm usually not so focused but if I'm in SFM I might respond moderately.

Away - I barely ever set it to away myself so if it says away then I'm not on my PC.

Offline - Not on my PC

Online on phone - I'm either outside or just checking the phone, I'll answer.

Busy - As the name implies, busy. Will not respond.

By the way, I'm the tomato god.
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cakemuncher30 Jul 13 @ 10:20pm 
+ likes
SetoKaiba Jul 10 @ 8:24am 
+rep Great SFM artist. Drew the Sniper, Medic, and Demo picture for me. I would recommend this guy to anyone who wants an SFM poster done.
cakemuncher30 Jul 6 @ 10:43am 
+rep drew me like on of his French girls
FireFlashX32 May 13 @ 7:07am 
This guy.... Worst trader ever. He withholds payment for weeks without results... ALL EMPTY PROMISES I TELL YOU. AND LET ME EXPLAIN WHY: Everyone else here is a fucking liar, he bothers you every day to rep him good in hostage of your items!! AND THEN WHEN HE EVENTUALLY WANTS TO MAKE THE TRADE... HE LURES YOU TO THIS DESERTED ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE, USES CHLOROFORM TO SEDATE YOU, BONDAGES YOU (GAG INCLUDED) AND TORTURES YOU FOR MONTHS ON END. It were the best few months ever though, 'cause I truly think he loves me, i've come to realize this eventhough my therapist says otherwise. And in the end I got my stuff.. So all is well that ends well, RIGHT!? Oh and his SFM skills suck! Nah I'm merely joking, but I don't think anyone will read this last part, which means I made good on my promise to make this comment worse. So, Cake, Don't ask me to +Rep you again. <3
Shar 'Dama Ka Apr 1 @ 6:48am 
wait it doesnt work like this