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That guy who mains spy

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Other Shit
Adding Me
Before adding me, leave a comment on my profile, random adds from strangers = remove .
If adding to trade, leave a specific comment on my profile (it is also much easier just to send a trade offer you know ....)
People with private profile, private inventory, trade ban or level 0 profile will be removed
Scammers don't waste your time or mine !
If your adding me to tell me that I need to verify my items with an steam admin, or you need to check if its duped, or anything which involves me trading you the item without you trading me the keys you will be removed and reported .

Remeber traders ! I am not always online, i live in the UK which means that if you add me from the US we are in different time zones so I might not be able to respond to your message instantly. If im online I will make a effort to reply to messages ASAP

Trade Offers
I check my trade offers very regularly, and I make a point of replying to them as fast as possible. Again do not lowball on my trades or send me ghost offers (etc...)

(NOTE : I am very unlikely to buy duped unusuals because they is f*cking impossible to sell)

TF2 Shit
TF2 is my main game, I main spy. I usually play regularly.
I also play a fuckton of the other classes (6s players dont be getting salty)
If i in a public game and you wanna play with me feel free to join up. I don't like being focused in pubs or in other servers but hey - do you what you wanna do
(and yes - I have quite a few hours on this game xD)

Personal Shit
I am generally a friendly guy, I dont have all the time in the world, but if you add me or talk to me about an offer the worse thing I can do is say no. If you add me for another reason im always open to some talk again I'm pretty friendly.
I don't like being shit-talked and generally dont like toxic tf2 players. I like to joke about scout mains but please if you has something shitty to say, keep it to yourself - the world doesnt need to fucking know.
I would stream but my computer is AIDS so I can't yet.
I have instagram (as above on my profile) but feel free to add / follow whatever on my other social media I will always follow you back.

Yeah, thats about it

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SmileyFace May 7 @ 3:50am 
rip, me and you.
Caiviaro May 6 @ 2:38pm 
Doing gcse s bruv still 😂😂
SmileyFace May 6 @ 2:22pm 
Are you doing your GCSE's or you long passed them? just wonder... ;>>>
sell original for keys or get those missing keys then send me a trade offer.
Stickzz Mar 6 @ 2:49am 
Caiviaro Mar 6 @ 2:40am