scout training v0.5
guess who's back back back
back again gain gain
pan is back back back back
back again gain gain

vac banned for using lmao in mm of tf2

ASUS Republic of Gaming FX553

you three mofos know who you are ♥

Age: If I could have babies with Pyro I would

Cookies?!: second time i've gotten one that big

Cookies?!: I'm a massive nerd

Pyromaniac: I live in a double story hows

[TZ] Pun-isher: rip my left hand

(in a tf2 lobby)
Gstar: that fucking sniper is aimbotting
Gstar: spectate him
ImmatureLlama: he's a bit dodgy
Gstar: hes aimbotting yeah
Gstar yeah he was
Gstar: we got another aimbotter lol
Gstar: are u stupid, your sniper is aimbotting
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R3tr0 Oct 6 @ 5:30pm 
-rep for being shit to tiemmates xDDDDD
R3tr0 Oct 6 @ 5:29pm 
-rep for being a fag :D
shinji` Sep 26 @ 6:10pm 
nice vac ban lmao
shinji` Sep 26 @ 6:03pm 
ur actually bad LOL
Halal Bacon Sep 20 @ 9:49pm 
+rep hacker :)
𝓵𝓲𝓵 𝓵𝓲𝓵 Aug 30 @ 5:31pm