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♡♠ ♡♠ ☯Luna-chan☯ ♤♥: cap in hightower is like fuck your sister, feels so good, but still being wrong

21:30:38 im triggered: dragonce is comp overwatch boring
21:31:46 Dragonce: comp ow is the best
21:32:04 r1kk: its the most toxic shit on planet earth

Bycoon: started from the bottom and now im here
Bycoon: anyways
Bycoon: get that fat ass over here
Bjorn The Moose: started from the bottom now we are still bottom
Bjorn The Moose: :feelsbadman:

Bycoon: can you explain me how to buttplug enemies?
Arunir: hit them PHAT rockets
Bycoon: but im not playing solly
Bycoon: im playing demo
Arunir: just be phat

Bycoon: say something that im shit at 6s and as a demo for a cliche meme
polarium: why me
Bycoon: just do it
polarium: your dm is garbage and you will never be able to play 6s you piece of nothingness
Bycoon: excellent

Bycoon: you are disgusting
Jamie lft open is now Online.
Bycoon: how can you fuck a potato
Jamie lft open: drill a hole
Jamie lft open: microwave it
Jamie lft open: butter for lube

cleverhardy99 : Give credit to Bycoon. He's a good Pyro.

bwifta : i thought u were welsh

Jamie: which drugs have you taken

Jamie :o: die

Jamie lft :o : bycoon is big noob

Jamie lft :o : potato

??? : degenerate...

coyote: SKILL
coyote: (something the bycoon does not have aha)

Jamie :o: i have the cleanest booty in town

coyote (lokig 4 tem): U can do anything with enough time dedication and potatoes
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