Lieutenant Quantum   Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Creator of the Fast Fingers givaways. A ref for agility is great, amiright?
Proud Creator Of A TF2 Weapon Overview Guide! :senpai:
You are going to try and OPSkins scam my $30 unusual? Nice try bozo
Don't worry, traveller, there's my whole info thingy just below this sweet terrible artwork. Actuallyalotofworktomakeittho
I'm a forumgoer who kinda doesn't approve of people who can't ask Google instead

Thanks for clikcing that more info button. Have fun seeing propoganda and chat room stuff.

Raisuuuuuuu!: Why do I get notified when someone comments on your profile smh
86 | [Meme Train Don't Stop!]: because why the hell not :emofdr:
Raisuuuuuuu! I like you

TSFO_AWEZM1324: go to sleep
TSFO_AWEZM1324: go to sleep
TSFO_AWEZM1324: sleep urself to sleep
TSFO_AWEZM1324: :)
TSFO_AWEZM1324: wanna chat
86 | [Meme Train Don't Stop!]: no im busy being awake for a whole week
86 | [Meme Train Don't Stop!]: :D

-empty-ルアー: best new invention?
Quantum: toaster microwave
-empty-ルアー: damn u living in 2050 or wot

PorkMiner86: yo
dat boi the killjoy: what
PorkMiner86: this guy wants to tpa to me.
dat boi the killjoy: who
PorkMiner86: hes "king ralf"
PorkMiner86: he wants to team
dat boi the killjoy: should we tpa him and loot him?
PorkMiner86: hmm
PorkMiner86: nah. we'll have him help build our base
dat boi the killjoy: then kill him! :steammocking:
PorkMiner86: no
later.... a lot later...
PorkMiner86: remember that ralf guy?
dat boi the killjoy: yea
PorkMiner86: he sent a friend request :turned:
dat boi the killjoy: ok
PorkMiner86: he messaged me
PorkMiner86: for the fifth time this week.
dat boi the killjoy: well then.
PorkMiner86: i agree now.
dat boi the killjoy: what
PorkMiner86: we shoulda killed him...

Quantum: yo
dat boi the killjoy: whaddup
Quantum: :csgoa::csgox::flashbang::angercube::redsupra::arrowdr::csgogun::projectstarship_smile::sslgear::SmithLuckyHorseshoe::duckynorm::CunningPepeYellow::bbtduckshark::Cjoe::CunningPepe::ZombieSquirb::gmod::SquirbHead::bluesupra::berries::fartsandwich::missing::powergem::slimetabby::crate::90_level::coolpoop:
dat boi the killjoy: okay..?

Coiate: Get nae naed hahahahah
Quantum: So your getting whipped then?
Quantum: [obligatory "ooohoooohhhhhh" clip]

You have been banned from Team Fortress 2 Discussions
You have been banned from Team Fortress 2 Discussions by a member of Steam Support for your post in "MY FRIEND CAN´T PLAY TF2":
Originally posted by That Random Crit:
Sorry for caps , but after my friend downloaded the Pyro update his files got corrupted.
Does anyone know how to undo this? Thanks in advance.
did he git gud and git lmaobox?

Ban Reason:
Please remain constructive when posting on the Steam forums. Thanks for your understanding.

Please review the Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

This ban will expire on Nov 2 @ 10:20am. Until then, you will not be able to post in Team Fortress 2 Discussions.

as someone who frequently has tea-parties on real© battlefields, i can confirm that one out of 50 or-so bullets is actually a laserbeam.
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Welcome To My Profile!
Hey. You might know me as Quantum.
I play games, hang out with friends, and mess around. My favorite games are Team Fortress 2, (1500+ hours) Scrap Mechanic, (600+ hours) and Battlefield 1. I also get banned from the TF2 discussions for the most hilarious reasons (see bio)
Speaking of which, I keep getting banned. Bans happen because someone reports me. Who gets hurt over one of my comments enough to report me.
And speaking of bans, ETA 1 week till back on forums

Before You Add Me...

:arrowdr: Nobody under level 3 :emofdr:
:arrowdr: At least 3 games. Honestly,
:arrowdr: If you're inactive then get out.
:arrowdr: I'm not a big trader but I make exceptions. I only take "real" trades where I give you something and you give me something in the same trade. Also, I don't try to scam people, and if you think we made a bad trade I'll check bp.tf prices and account for it. If you are the one to send a trade, even if its unfair to you I'll still accept, I only fix trades I send. :conwayshrug:
:arrowdr: I have 0 regard for human life. I'm not emo, there's just too many idiots in the world.
:arrowdr: I used to be a helpful forumgoer, but now i couldnt care less that you can't google how tf2 works. Honestly, you can't figure out how to play casual? You don't know what a community server is? Really? Please do me a favor and read through this [wiki.teamfortress.com] before you ask. I did, it's not that hard.

The Idiot Box

:bbtgem: I'm the kinda guy that has a comp pass for TF2 yet I don't play comp.
:bbtgem: In TF2 I don't have a hard main, but i submain Scout, Soldier, and Demo.
:bbtgem: I'm the most obnoxious and sarcastic meme you've ever seen. I've got an arsenal of :emofdr:'s, :hillary:'s, ( ° ʖ °)'s, and the occasional lighthearted :redb:anter.
:bbtgem: I'm left-handed. Not that anyone cares. :hatty:
:bbtgem: I'm a curator. I review things from inside Harambe's Cage
:bbtgem: So you see the occasional "In Non-Steam Game: NORAD Missle Console"? Thats because Steam is the best OS for military sites. Also missle command is a great job inb4 I get fired for saying that

CPU Specs. Because someone wants to know... Maybe

:Padlocker:Mouse: Just some wired Dell Mouse. I have a fancy one but it sometimes stops responding. Rip.
:Padlocker:Headset: HyperX Cloud Stinger headset. One audio jack. Great voice quality.
:Padlocker: The big one, the PC! Has some stuff that nerds are interested in.
Processor: Intel Core i5-6300 HQ CPU @ 2.3GHz
Installed RAM: 8GB
System type: 64-bit OS, x64 based processor.
Added a 2TB storage thing. Thats nice
Edition: Windows 10.
It's an Inspiron 7559. Not on the product info page but it also has a Nvidia GeForce GTX. Standard Dell Laptop.

Stuff about when I'm offline... A lot of people have this section so y not.

:gunet:Online: Browsing memes. Message me but I might not join.
:B1:Offline: Self-explanatory. I'm not here but if you message I'l get back to you when I'm online.
:slimehungry:-Nobody Uses Looking To Play/Trade. Ignore this-
:FreeSquirb:Busy: Get outta my way. I'm working and I will snap your neck if you interrupt me. :emofdr:
:hillary:In-game: Don't invite me to other games. I probably won't join. Don't pester me if it's an FPS.

Off the intermission, here's some more facts nobody cares about.

:csgoct: I have Overwatch. The Battletag thingy is Quantum And the number is #11609
:csgoct: Nelson memed me. I have two Experienced Berets. Don't ask.
:csgoct: In Unturned I got a Glitched Bandito Mask, Haunted Bolt, and I had a Glowing Navy Hat that went to dis guy . Hasn't said anything about it or even thanked me. :conwayshrug:
:csgoct: I have a fan-game! For some reason... You can download it here [dafk.net]
:csgoct: I have a dank CS:GO frag vid. Or blooper reel. Idk. Its this .

Some people that are above average. Lel

:happyTom: Awezm the streamer dude. He's pretty neato.
:pug: Funkypug founded a 7k memeber group. He's nice.
:senpai: dat boi is a good friend. Partner in crime. Good at making kiddos cry in Gmod.
:PresidentTrump: You! for being a great person. Thanks for not being toxic.

The Forumgoers that I can't get rid of. wait wat

Double Filet-O-Fish - The only mature one... and even then...
SquidTheDS - Hates me for my "discount sunbeams lime robo meme hat"
Generic Jerry - Forum weapons arms dealer
TKO Dark Shadow - I think is addicted to creeps. You know, creeps :nonplussed_creep:
Sir Barnaby - Lead officer in the stat thread liberation squad
Toaster - A basketcase with a youtube channel

oh yea. there was a conclusion part in the .txt as well. better just copy and paste that too.

-Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll see you in either the battlefield:TimberKnightHelmet:or the apocalypse!:bottledwater:

Sheesh... that sounds bad. Ah whatever. :CunningPepe:

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Hi! Welcome to the decade old game of Team Fortress 2!
So many weapons right? Well I'll give a nice little overview of ALL OF THEM!
Sounds great? Well let's get right into it!

Disclaimer: This is not finished but I am publishing it to get the word out

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Being level 71 is hecka gay. Also you're a gay frick.
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I replaced you as Mr. Banned-For-A-Month
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no u
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never even heard of it
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With your guide, the big book on every weapon.