Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Main heavy for Sensation ETF2L HIgh.
I used to main demo/heavy for Super Dickmanns Sensation in ETF2L Mid and have played for Canceled Project / Brigshaws English Club team in ETF2L Mid and up to UGC Silver/Gold for a while in the past.

Ranked Number 1 Secret Hitler player as well Kappa

Music: Trance/Progressive, metal and classic rock and also some classical-sounds like Halo soundtrack etc...

Comp TF2 Experience:
Main Heavy Leader Maincaller (Multinational Massacre HL Div 6 ETF2L S8)
Main Heavy (Malicious Medicine HL UGC Iron S16)
Main Heavy Maincaller (Call Morbis Maybe HL UGC Steel S17)
Main Medic for 2 weeks (Canceled Project HL UGC Steel S17)
Main Heavy Maincaller (Brigshaws English Club HL ETF2L Open S9) 1st Place but lost playoffs FeelsBadMan
Main Heavy Maincaller (Canceled Project HL UGC Silver S18)
Main Heavy (Brigshaws English Club HL ETF2L Mid S10) 13th :/
Main Heavy Maincaller (Amber Crew HL UGC Gold S19)
Main Heavy Maincaller (CuteRedPanders.tf HL UGC Gold S20)
Main Heavy Maincaller (Super Dickmanns Sensation HL ETF2L Mid S11)
Main Medic (Sonic Squad (troll silver team) UGC Silver S21)
Main Demo (Super Dickmanns Sensation HL ETF2L Mid S12)
Main Heavy (Ugandan Pizza Police HL ETF2L High S13)
Main Heavy Maincaller (Doctors of Mediocrity HL UGC Plat S23)
Main Heavy Maincaller (Doctors of Mediocrity HL ETF2L High S14 [3 matches])
Main Heavy (Sensations HL ETF2L High S14) 3rd Place
Main Heavy (Art of Throwing HL UGC Plat S24)

Main Demoman (Yung Wolves ETF2L Open S25)
Main (pocket) Scout (Yung Wolves ETF2L Mid S26)
Main Medic (Home bargains shoplifters ETF2L Open S29)

Random stuff:

18:47 - hartz: cause buck is my fav

carnage : heavy is credit team

S-I*@Jo@*I-S : this heavy
•Apestrong : such comebacks
Redstoner64 : i know

Terence Hill : his pipes are literally homing

[B³D] Retard-Sauce : best heavy

(raging about some mindless medic)
ozy : he'd fuckin suck buck off if he could
Buck824 : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dominant : Medic your movement is insane
(Voice) Buck824: MEDIC!
Görr : gg
Buck824 : no you are just bad
Buck824 : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Better than Poker?? http://logs.tf/1888123#76561198082538898

Ze Holy Communist Nazi Owl ಠ� : there we go buck
Ze Holy Communist Nazi Owl ಠ� : use your aimbot correctly

*DEAD* Lil Elvis : Buck nice play

Xezuka: Buck go fuck yourself kindly, gently etc

*DEAD* Fidget Spinner : buck nice aimbot
*DEAD* Buck824 : thanks


Kosuke: bombing in 2


Firefly: things lead to things

redwood: lets wrap it up
redwood: you are good guy
redwood: im bad guy
redwood: end of story
Buck824: ok that was easy, well im scrimming now cya

Cronk: i was neo-nazi

Included_Middle: why is 8 afraid of 4? because 8 2 4

redwood_a: no man u actually good med

Kosuke: I'm not even edgy

Foot: Racism is the highest point of intellect

kosuke: can i play demo

Kosuke: OK, so by statistics 1 of these 6 people must be fascist


Reference for if Extrasolar ever shittalks me: http://etf2l.org/recruitment/228331/ yee.... you just keep doing that mate...
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+rep you don't know me '-' i don't know you '--' but you say i'm not really bad :o so i love you <3 :3
magikarp Aug 2, 2017 @ 8:47pm 
fucking americans comms :^)
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GOD JUL :ss2flag:
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tfw buck calls you a meme
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added for mercing
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Nice tool pic