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Friends list cleared on a space-needed basis. Hope you understand.
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Vesemir from Kaer Morhen 19 juin à 12h18 
I have a problem and i need to contact with u? Can i?
WiLy Wonka 14 mars à 8h10 
Neyy52 16 déc. 2016 à 19h31 
Hi i have a problem , can i contact with you?
Isaac Bypass 16 oct. 2016 à 17h13 
nmrih was a challenging game with it's flaws, but still beat some maps with it
mooB 11 oct. 2016 à 16h07 
Hello, I would like to talk to you about crashing on a macbook pro on NMRiH. Please get to me ASAP, thank you.
(aMaZe)Shadow7 10 oct. 2016 à 15h29