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Friends list cleared on a space-needed basis. Hope you understand.
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Lil Dove 12. lis. v 7.19 
hello do you know how to play together with friends on No more hell in the room? becouse when I created server my friends could join. Error was: "cant join after 4 retries" or sth like that
Diffract 27. říj. v 11.56 
I saw you advertise for a moderator in your servers while I was playing, and I thought I would seek the opportunity. I play on your servers quite a lot as they are the only decent ones with unlimited ammo.

Oliwier Staszewski.

^^ Feel free to add me and we could talk about this.

Thanks again.
Chattanoogan 17. zář. v 12.25 
Really enjoying the Unlimited Ammo servers in NMRIH. Where can I donate? I also never see any moderators online, do you need any?
Commander Giles 11. čvc. v 19.58 
Says "www.aocgamers.com is - coming soon"
Baron Herbert Falsevor 19. čvn. v 12.18 
I have a problem and i need to contact with u? Can i?
WiLy Wonka 14. bře. v 8.10