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埃德溫   Nova Scotia, Canada
some facts and stuff

why the VAC ban? i was about 10 when i got it i wish i could go back in time and slap my self and say dont do it :'(

favourite racing game is the original grid

favourite fps is destiny 2

favourite game of all time right now is destiny 2

games i hate now includes COD (new ones), to be cont

games i always go back to is the original grid

games i mod the hell out of is left 4 dead 2 and skyrim

games that i want that will most likely never be made includes left 4 dead 3, half life 3, beyond good and evil 2,battlefield bad company 3, to be cont

favourite mobile game of all time is bloons towe defence 5

first game device i ever had was a xbox original

favourite game from when i was younger is pokemon

why have i been on steam for 8 years and my account only level 18? cause i dont really care to much

why only 14 badges in my 8 years? meh i dont really know

why do you have x game with very few hours in it? cause i didnt like it or its an old game i forgot about

first game i ever pre ordered was trials fusion and i was dissapointed by it

what game do want to play the hell out of is rainbow six siege

what f2p games am i playing right now? none i dont know why
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+Rep is sexc
-rep he tried to rape me ;(
XD too bad
-rep he scammed me
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less than 50 hrs on Warframe wtf