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Mar 13 @ 10:36am
In topic Lag with True 3D Rendering
I was told that it had something to do with the game not actually using my card to render, but I'm not sure how to change it.
Mar 12 @ 3:07pm
In topic Things that you want in Division 2
Originally posted by marcelFX:
-less spongy early game?
No. RPG style is the main base of this game(char settings, tech choices, guns damage ). don't like go to play CS, R6 or Battlegrounds FPS.
RPG =/= Bullet sponge. Deus Ex is an RPG and has a realistic health system.

Funny how games like PUGB are much more realistic than this.
Mar 10 @ 10:32pm
In topic Possible Breach Achievement Bug
Oh, didn't know that.

Thanks for replying!
Mar 10 @ 9:25pm
In topic Possible Breach Achievement Bug
Breach, the achievement that says the player must sink the ship and leave within 15 minutes, the timer starting when entering the dockyard and stopping when the player reaches the helicopter. As far as I know I can reload saves, even if the timer doesn't stop.

Now, the problem is that I completed the task but didn't get the achievement at all. Yes, I reloaded several times but never reversed the timer, and still reached the helicopter with 2 minutes left.
Mar 8 @ 10:19am
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Originally posted by Serangel:
See the people who do that are either A always face down on the floor or B causing the group to wipe.
You mean group of players? So you're talking about the Dead Zone? Enemies aren't bullet sponges in PvP?
Mar 8 @ 9:57am
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Originally posted by Smile.y:
People that cries/whine are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, if you cant handle a bit challenge, you wasting your life man
Huh? What's so hard about "keep pressed the Fire Button till they're dead"?
Mar 6 @ 8:58am
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Yeah, it just pains me to look at how this game ended. I really wanted to play this, ever since it was first presented at E3 2014.

But whatever, I doubt Ubisoft nor Massive will change their mind about this.
Mar 6 @ 8:22am
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Owned. My initial point still stands though.
Mar 6 @ 7:50am
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Originally posted by Serangel:
Its kinda funny you bring Diablo up because The Division is D3 but with gun and tech instead of swords and magic.
The Division is not D3 with guns and tech, not even close. Even just comparing them is ridiculous itself.

Anyway, a lot of people seem to think that RPG = Tons of HP, which isn't actually true. As omegazeda mentioned, there are RPGs which have realistic HP systems. So yeah, RPGs can be designed to be realistic, even if The Division isn't one of them.
Mar 5 @ 7:38pm
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Originally posted by Villainz:
This is a rpg game and yet people are talking about 'bullet sponge' enemies :steamfacepalm:
The Division is about as RPG as Call of Duty is. You know what a RPG actually is? Games like Diablo II or Divinity: Original Sin.
Mar 5 @ 5:27pm
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Originally posted by ZDuB:
This is exactly how this game is, had you actually played it
I said in my post that I refunded. Using logic you can tell that yes, I played it.

And no, the game isn't even remotely close to what I described.
Mar 5 @ 2:50pm
In topic Bullet Sponge?
Originally posted by CherryTaco 👌:
See, this is what happens when you design an MMORPG but put real guns and real people in it, a lot people will expect "realistic" gameplay like one hit kills and all guns with the same caliber bullets will do the same damage.

This is just boderlands with real guns.
Basically this. I love Diablo II but had to refund this game almost immediatly. When I see that the NPCs are normal people, some of them just wearing a hoodie, and the game is set in a world that highly resembles real life, I expect to kill them with just a few shots (5 at most) and a more tactical gameplay. You know like, making the cover system actually useful? Trying to not get hit and get other people out of their cover with grenades, using turrets in strategic points... not just "keep pressed the Fire Button till they're dead".

It's funny when games like PUBG are more realistic than this.
Mar 2 @ 11:11am
In topic God Eater Res Undub Progress update
Here's what I found. As far as I know there's no Japanese PC version, the people who worked on this extracted the audio files from the PSVita version.
Oh, I see. Thank you for replying :) Your mod is awesome!
Health Regeneration augmentation won't automatically turn off if I also have Power Recirculator. It's an annoying bug since I normally turn it on to regain health in mid of / after a battle and forget to turn it off, so I lose a lot of Bioelectric Energy.
Feb 28 @ 12:36pm
In topic Bring Onimusha Series Back in HD
Just change the faces and remaster everything.
Feb 27 @ 9:30pm
In topic SE should get Durante to fix this
I wouldn't hold my breath though.
Feb 27 @ 7:34pm
In topic These complaints make no sense
OP must be the biggest troll I've seen in a while.
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