Bret Weber   Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
If you're going to add me, please leave a comment on my page so I know what it's about / who you are!

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Kobe8 Nov 15 @ 11:20am 
bret why do you ignore me always, you literally posted add me for a reason, and i said why. wtf dude, im just trying to ask you if you just could restart the Trade Plaza 34 Multiplay UK trade server thats it
Terest(cpu failed brb soon) Nov 15 @ 10:21am 
Added for non-malicious reasons
Kobe8 Nov 9 @ 9:42am 
bret restart your TF2 trade servers, alot of people are wondering where is the Multiplay UK 34 Trade Plaza server, please restart them and put them back on. thank you
HEA7 Nov 8 @ 6:00am 
added about fm
bRodA Oct 24 @ 8:58am 
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terexino Oct 13 @ 11:12am 
added to discuss org