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Welcome To My Profile!
I see you are on my profile because you are either about to add me or your just on it, for some reason.

Adding Me
I do not accept private profiles, level 0s, if you dont speak english, and i will only click links from you only if we're good friends. I WILL NOT TRADE WITH YOU IF YOUR INVENTORY IS PRIVATE.
I will not trade to your "csgo item bot" or "item verification bot" or your "vault account". I will not trade my items if your trying not to put any items in the trade. only send me trade offers if im offline. I only do live trades when i am online.

Gaming With Me
I will rarely accept game requests from people unless i have nothing to do, the game i would probably mostly accept invites to is Cs:go.

Offline = Sleeping,
Online = Im on the pc or phone, talk to me when you wish.
Snooze: = My computer is off
Away = Out Somewhere, or computer is on sleep mode.
Looking To Play = Looking To Play. :P
Looking To Trade = There is a 0.1% chance i will have this on.
Busy = Working on something, or im doing homework.

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last played on Jun 27
759 hrs on record
last played on Jun 27
Botman | S>Beams Thirst Blood Jun 26 @ 10:15pm 
more specific
Jhon, Well, I didnt ask.
FaZe Karakan Jun 22 @ 11:18am 
About 1 guy.
Zigler Jun 18 @ 10:27pm 
hello, can i help u?
ledgelord [int. issues] Jun 18 @ 4:01pm 
ey -chakal- ntc chicken the idiot doesnt deserve these reps >:(((((((
can i go home now
-Chakal- NTC Jun 18 @ 3:50pm 
+rep nice guy :)