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I am leaving for 3 weeks! I will return in 9th Jule, I can contact u using my phone
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Adds Garry's Mod themed backgrounds!

No-more non-GMODistic backgrounds! Seen that Elder Scrolls background? Not fits GMod! Well thanks to this addon, you can have GMODistic backgrounds, it also contains TTT backgrounds! (You need to switch to the TTT g
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Created by - Brandon

Welcome! to my profile!
Please read my information typen by me.

What's your favorite games?
arry's Mod,Battlefield 4,Team Fortress 2.HL2 EP1 EP2.

Do you take addon requests?
No,not accepting any requests.

Are you Trading?
Nope, I'm not trading ata ll.

Can I add you?
You may add me,but ONLY if we met each other for once,I do not accept the random invites,if you want to add me for a some reason,type it in a comment,otherwise it will be a block.

You removed me?
If I did,then it means that we hasn't been speaking with each other,or playing,so I don't really need inactive friends,but you may add me back though.

Can you teach me to GMod?
Sure! You can ask me to teach you to some things of GMod,you are also avaible to ask any questions

Are you good builder?
Yes I am,sometimes I can build without a tools,but I prefer using 'em,I am not that good in WireMod,I do want to learn it,but it takes a time.

What gender are you?
You...Do have an eyes don't you?

Favorite music?:
Don't have one yet.

I've heard bad things about you, are they true?
A lot of the stuff I hear about these days are made up stories, tbh you should be asking for proof from the people who make this crap up. I've had a lot of conflicts with people who are just incapable of grasping how reality works, so they result to childish means of behaving, at the end of the day if you hate me or love me, it doesn't make a difference.

Can you tell a bit of your self?
I can't really tell much of my self,I live at Russia,My name is [DELETED,only close friends may know],I like playing GMod
I also have a bad time at current moment,please don't be rude or anything else,I want to have some fun in games...

Can you play with me in TF2? Or Gmod?
Yes I can,but I won't go into furry or pony server.

When are you avaible to speak?
I am avaible to speak when I am online,best time to chat with me
When I am in game,I might be slow to answer the messages,but I'll try my best to not ignore you.
When I am away,I am probably in school,or just away from computer,but you may leave a messages,I'll come back to read the messages.
Offline,probably means that I am asleep,or can't play computer,still can leave a messagees
Do not distrub,means that I won't speak to anyone,and I am possibly busy or being mad.

Do you accept requests on Garrys Mod screenshots?
Yes I am,but I only do them when I am bored,leave a message if you want me to do it.

Do you make arts or can you atleast draw?
Nope Nope Nope Nope.

Who are you? I don't remember "Some random name"
I usually change my name,BUT! I always keep my profile image,by it,you can recognise me
I am sometimes changing a name just for fun in some servers,so don't remove me,and ask who am I

Dude there's some impersonator that is you,and being minge,is it your smurf account?
No god damn it,with this informations,screenshots,groups,comments,and friends,it confirms that I am a original Brandon,don't add those impersonators fags,and report them,there's been lots of people that impersonate people.

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No clue, you can test it. Long time ago I made the addon.
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Hey there, I see you're in the new group. If you're still having trouble hexing, feel free to make a discussion explaining the problem and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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Oppenheimer. But I guess Trump's pretty shitty to
{CNF} Codyalone May 22 @ 2:44am 
Now I am become death, The destroyer of worlds . . CAN YOU, GUESS THAT QUOTE FOR 1000$!!!
{CNF} Codyalone May 22 @ 1:24am 
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