Rob Borewik   Poland
In case you have general problems with bets look for answer here - Forum
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I don't speak Russian :)

I'm web designer / developer / coder / graphic designer / electronic engineer. I'm also a creator of and places where you can bet and trade your Dota2 and CSGO items.

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BeNziNo™ 21/mai/2013 às 8:57 
Hey dude! Can you create a DELETE button on "my offers" That would delete all the offers to 1 seller or ALL offer that i made?
Play MarkeT=) Banido de trocar 2/abr/2013 às 14:53 
kind and very helpfull support thx again
Uncle[F]ucker 22/mar/2013 às 14:41 
thx for fast support!
Gad ツ 21/mar/2013 às 10:32 
+rep nice fast Help
^KKM 20/mar/2013 às 14:34 
thx man)
✪ hA 19/mar/2013 às 23:00 
Thank you. on the English form people more responsible, so thank you for living better efficiency.