"If I don't push the limits, who will? The people behind me?" - Michael "imaqtpie" Santana
sore aru

I am the bone of my scores
N is my body, and M is my blood
I have crafted over a thousand plays
Unknown to Peppy
Nor known to Bancho
Have withstood RSI to create many pp
Yet, these chokes will never award anything
So as I pray,Unlimited Play Works

Mr.Inconsistent: what the fuck
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: Massachusetts
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: the game is decent but the community is pure cancer
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: like
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: you go to chemistry class
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: and your teacher is holding liquid cancer
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: and on the top
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: the pure form of cancer is there
Haha, I'm just kiddin' man.: you see this guy

09:28 not playing solo ranked til 6.85: If heads you guys are faggots
09:28 not playing solo ranked til 6.85 flipped a coin: TAILS
09:28 Mr.Inconsistent USA USA USA: nice
09:28 Captain_Frog: lmao
09:28 JACK: head and you are the faggot
09:28 karlkry: noice
09:28 JACK flipped a coin: HEADS
09:28 Mr.Inconsistent USA USA USA: OH
09:28 JACK: boom roasted

[7:06] xXError2461xX: >playing with a friend from school
[7:06] Mr Inconsistent: whats his rank
[7:07] xXError2461xX: Bronze 5
[7:07] Mr Inconsistent: nice
hes the same level as you
have fun
[7:07] xXError2461xX: Thanks!

GANK MY BUTTHOLE: i accept him and all of his fedora wearing glory

Our Tatsuya,
Who art in First High,
Thy omnipotence come,
Thy engineering be done,
On Earth as it is in First High.
Give us this day our daily aid,
And forgive that we doubted you,
As you were only Course Two.
And lead us not from dependence,
But deliver us by your assistance.
For thine is First High, the Power, and the Glory.
Of Tatusya, Son of Yotsuba, and Taurus Silver.

1:19 Sensual Walrus: as someone who hails from the great nation of peru i really dont appreciate all the hatred for my ethnic and national identity and politely ask all of you to git fucking gud before you whine about my people
01:19 Heaven's Door: no

El. Psy. Congroo.

I was only 19 years old. I loved Gaben so much, I had all the games and hats. I pray to Gaben every night before bed, thanking him for the games I have purchased. "Gaben is love" I say, "Gaben is life". My roommate hears and calls me a nerd. I knew he was just jealous, of my summer sales. I called him a peasant. He slaps me and goes to Gamestop. I'm using my computer now, and my face hurts. I feel a warmth coming towards me. Something touches me. It's Gaben! He whispers in my ear. "This is my wallet." He grabs my hands with his powerful gamer hands, and puts them on my keyboard. I'm ready. I spread my wallet for Gaben. He penetrates my funds. It makes so much debt, but I do it for Gaben. I can feel my mortgage growing as my library starts to grow. It costs so much, but I do it for Gaben. I buy games myself. I want to please Gaben. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my library with games. My roommate walks in. Gaben looks him straight in the eye and says "It was worth the weight". Gaben leaves through my computer screen. Gaben is love. Gaben is life

Is Season 3 out yet?
Have you bought the LNs yet?
lol u thought someone will win?
fuk u buy the LNs cunt
-Wataru Watari, 2015

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good at tf2 because of osu... trust me its true xDxD
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