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DO not Trust this Femboy, he's the biggest Cheater you'll meet Click here to be Smart!

~Rules for Add~
Write atleast one Comment why you want to add me.
No Private Profile's.
Do no try to add me just for trade.
Do no try to scam me, i know your tricks.
Do not lie to me - i hate lies.
Do not ask for free stuff - im not Santa Claus.
Do not force me somthing in anyway.
Do not fuck with my Friend's.
Be atleast lvl 5.
Respect me so, i respect you.
Friend collector? Just add me :)

~About me~
Hello, This is me, currently im a fancy~ Shiba Inu and yeah i love to play Game's, im a Gamer i spent 80% of my time on the Computer and chat with friend's or play game's. I also love Pokémon and all kind of Dog-Breed's. If i woke up your Interest don't mind and leave an add but make sure you read "Rules for Add" , If you want to know about my Character Check out Roleplay and other Info about my Character .

I am probably the guy who left a "" on your Profile

I'm Proud to be a Furry

Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ [Bolt©]

"Love can't be earned over the Internet, only if you see it with your own Eyes then you know that Love is real." ~ Bolt Ðogler©


Shibe Anime Trailer

My Youtube Channel: Bolt Magie

~My Info about me~

Name: Bolt Ðogler

Age: 20

Birthday: 07.06.1997

From?: Germany, Berlin

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight~

Dominance: Dominant

Relationship: Single

Likes: Awesome Friend's, cute Dog's

Dislikes: Cats (we still own 3 of them), People who lie to me, Cheaters

Favorite Games: League of Legends, Garry's Mod, Paladins

My Pet: TAKEN Wolfy

My Discord: Deleted.


i will respond as soon as i can.

I am Available for Chat, might respond fast to slow depends what i am doing.

I am AFK, gone or somthing else there might happen no replys.

I am probably doing somthing, so please do not start or await a reply.

I might sleep, gone out for a walk or somthing else don't await a reply.

~Roleplay and other Info about my Character~

Name: Bolt Ðogler

Age: 25

Birthday: 07.06.1992

From?: Japan

Species: Shibe [is Happy ]

Gender: Male

Relationship: Single

Appereance: White Shibe

Dominance: Dominant~

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Lasagne, Good frens, stay happy at all time

Dislikes: Lairs, Promise breaker's, People who hurt friends

~Roleplay - ERP~
-> Feel free to ask, add me and we talk about it

ERP?: Yes~ when i am in the mood for it
Dominance: Dominant, i am the one who fucks.
Interest: Female's, Cannine dog's or Pokémon -> Eeveelution's (no Fem-Boys, trans or anything that is not female)
Favorite Positions, i do with you?: Doggystyle, Rides or what you love to have.

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This is a Must to buy game ! this is even better then every zombie game that exist it has so much Atomsphere and much fun to hunt down these Zombies it changed always by having different Scenarios i just say BUY IT it is WORTH!

If you buy the Predator Mode: You are able to play as Zombie!!!! -- You only have to finish 1 Chapter nvm which Scenario.
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