Hello, my name is Bob
***I WILL BLOCK ALL PRIVATE ACCOUNTS WHO ADD ME*** (best comic of all time, 10/10, would read again)

If i remove you from friends, it might be due to cleaning up Friendlist/ trade is expired, sorry! or you change your name/can't recongnise you/I don't like you!

*General advise on trades*
-How to tell if an item is duped:
(Do note, an item id appearing more than once by the same person is NOT necessarily means an item is duped) is not bible.

-Trying to scam me is probably one of a bad life decision life making choice you go through in your unstable hormones changing period of your metamorphosis of kid to retard

-Begging for items from people will not work. Do note, just because someone have more items than you doesn't make them necessarily into santa clause, being obliged to give free stuff to random strangers just because asked to.

Those people and myself, used their time to trade, I don't believe you would simply give your stuff that you used your own time to trade, just because some random stranger added you and said "Gibe me stuff, I'm poor, you got soooooo many buds in your bp already! one won't make a difference!"

Well, if I were to do that, I won't be considered rich please don't beg for items, at best I would only consider giving items to friends whom have played with me for a long time already and I know them/like them.

Feel free to ask me for advise n trades,prices and such, I enjoy helping the others.

Phrases that totally aren't out of context:
λ00bified: finally i can achieve my dream of 60fps maplestory
Brightside : my gang use ketchup bottle smack u
Inequality : look at my name =-= thats life for u
:] : fking scammer anime dog
chesterleecake: viper n sniper no different
DvL[⇄] has renamed their Frenchman's Beret to BLACK NIMBUS DICK
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♢Luna♢ ☕ 48 hours Apr 25 @ 11:02am 
Theres a impersonator thats showing your backpack and claiming its there bp
|PUMP|LilPump™ S>Unusual Apr 25 @ 5:57am 
Another impersonator trying to scam me be careful also added to sell my unusual seargents drill hat effect stormy storm
Dude tried to scam me, same as the ones below you, be careful
Cheshire Apr 22 @ 6:04am 
Hey man, Dude trying to impersonate
ForecastCold Apr 21 @ 12:25pm 
beware there is an impersonator
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=< Apr 21 @ 8:35am 
Scammer pretending to be you added me,