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Some online CCGs to try out:

1. Hearthstone
Developed by Blizzard, this popular CCG focuses on players dueling with a deck of 30 cards comprised of minions and spells. Players try to control the board with their minions (or spells) and try to bring their opponent's life from 30 to 0.

2. Urban Rivals
The only TCG game on this list (you can trade the cards you recieve). Urban Rivals relies on mindgames with a heavy emphasis on bluffing and outsmarting your opponent. You play with an 8 card deck with 4 drawn at the start of the game. By betting using pillz (a resource), players can pit their cards against each other. The art style is quite different from other games and is more... urban.

3. Magic Duels (steam)
Wizard of the Coasts' Magic Duels is a digital adaptation of their paper card game named Magic: the Gathering. Players play lands and cast spells to reduce their opponent's life total from 20 to 0.

4. Chronicle (steam)
Jagex's Chronicle puts a new spin on card games by having your character fight through the monsters you place and your opponent. A typical match consists of 5 turns (called Chapters) where you play monsters and spells. At the end of the 5 turns, you and your opponent's hero commence a battle to determine the victor. Players can also try to kill their opponent's hero prior to the 5 turns in order to avoid the duel.
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