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temp Aug 4 @ 8:48pm 
I've wanted to try sucking my own dick for a few years, but I just recently lost enough weight to make it feasible. Just winging it today, I was able to lick my head for a bit, but I couldn't get past that. I feel like if I did things the right way, I could definitely get somewhere. If any of you have done it, do you have any tips? Any position that's easier, anything I should do to limber up, things like that.
MR BONES Jun 21 @ 4:14am 
>nice guy at the gym wants to become friends
>he's gay
>hitting on me non stop
>i think he's really funny and cute
>decide to fuck a guy to see if I'm into guys
>like it a lot
>don't want to fuck our relationship with guy at the gym
>even though i already came out to him
>he's basically the only friend i have
>takes me out to eat and shit
>too insecure to actually tell him i like him
>in the fear losing him if we do end up go into a relationship and it not working out because im such a fuck up

he's such a fucking bro.
he grabs my thighs when he's driving ;_;
i like it
Pump-Action Pete Jun 17 @ 11:23pm 
"Hi my name is Andy Haman. I've counted to infinity twice, I like my meat so rare I only eat unicorns, I once strangled a man with a cordless phone, I once had AIDS but decided I didn't like it so I let it go, I can speak braille, I can do a handstand on air, I beat the sun in a staring contest, I can tie my shoes with my feet, I can gargle peanut butter, and I can make an onion cry. Now watch me bench this."?
MR BONES Jun 15 @ 8:17am 
Why is Roco trying to kill us? Because that's how life is okay?
MR BONES Jun 12 @ 1:31am 
You make grabbing them with the forceps so easy....
Pump-Action Pete May 26 @ 10:09pm 
My Nazi fetish makes my girlfriend uncomfortable. I NEED ADVICE. You appear to be experienced in these matters, so I'll give this a try. My girlfriend told me that she finds my Irma Grese/Ilse Koch-style Third Reich dominatrix costumes to be disturbing; she seems reluctant to participate in Lebensborn roleplaying and even Auschwitz guard/ female prisoner roleplaying. She also suggested gently that I take down the Hitler Youth propaganda posters that are currently hanging over my bed. Is Nazism a 'turnoff'? If so, why?