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Welcome to the profile of a toxic Spy main! Did I hurt your feelings? Do you get angry over pixels? BUT YOU'RE SO SALTY !!!!!!!!1111!!!11111 If any of these apply then have fun and tough luck, sport.

This used to be about me and my name. I change it too much anymore for it to matter.

Yes, I am an edgy cunt. Do I care? No. If you get all self righteous over pixels you probably like watching your wife getting fucked by black men and voting for Bernie Sanders. It must suck knowing you won't have the unusuals or skill that I have. Sucks to suck kid! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

If you want to buy one of my unusuals or items and it isn't posted on [] or Outpost [] please fuck off now, I'll most likely block you. Sometime I sound like I'm pissed off when I talk, it's usually just my regular voice.

If you're still reading this by some chance I'll tell ya a bit more about myself. Wow. For being a nice person IRL I'm a complete cunt on the internet. Oh well. My actual name is Steven and I enjoy TF2, overmodding my 2 year old Skyrim save, hunting, shooting (yes I shoot guns if you offended by my liking and ownership of firearms please fuck off now), airboating (Basically a small flat bottom boat with a big fuckin motor and aircraft prop), hunting and typical redneck shit. Yes gaming and redneck very odd combo. As much as I like collecting TF2 unusuals like a weeaboo with his body pillows, I collect things in real life. I have a WW2 Nazi collection, all authentic of course of a value of around 10K. If you're offended by this, please once again just fuck off, I don't want to hear about it.

I am a Southern Baptist and going through flight school to hopefully become an airline pilot. I enjoy different music from 60s and 70s Motown , 70s Disco , Old Country Music , Southern Gospel yes, Southern Gospel and 1940s Big Band Music , yes the shit your grandparents listened to. I think that's about it.

Favorite Songs: Lights of Albuquerque (Jim Glaser) , Stand By The Road (Jim Glaser) , The Ride (David Allan Coe) , Turn Back The Hands Of Time(Tyrone Davis) , Lookin' For Love (Johnny Lee) , Woman, Woman (Jim Glaser) , Midnight Cry(John Starnes) , Boundless Love (The Cathedrals) , Double Dutch Bus(Frankie Smith) , Working My Way Back To You(The Spinners) , Love Machine(The Miracles) , Take Me Down(Alabama) , I Got Mexico(Eddie Raven) , Shouting Time In Heaven(The Hoppers) , That's Him(The Hoppers) , Holy Highway (Gaither Homecomming) , Yahweh (The Hoppers) , Canaanland Is Just In Sight , Champion Of love (The Cathedrals)
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p.s. change your name to mine and go around in pubs spamming binds about how /r/tf2 caused the Dead Ringer nerf or something about how comp players are supposed to be the best but can't track DR spies. Support the cause please.
Bill Gaither's Gospel Hour Jun 24 @ 7:19pm 
lmao I Spy spy correctly, not like some average mongoloid in a pub.
Then you don't main spy lmao
Bill Gaither's Gospel Hour Jun 24 @ 9:35am 
Lmao. I haven't been a DR Ambassador Spy in ages.
Valve fucked spy because of your profile