bermilloop or wolverin's name   Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, United States
Damn Ruski's

I'm a bored soldier...

I'm usually known as Zippy, Bermi, or sleepy time. Only my close friends know my real name- which you can easily figure it out tbh. xD

Currently serving under the Minnesota National Guard. I get shipped to Fort Leonard Missouri around the 19th of June. Currently holding 88m as my MOS. Rank is E-1.
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Stay if you want         ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧  ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧ ⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⁧⎯ ❐ ⤬
Good friends of mine plus info.

I'm looking for artists who take commissions. :>

I don't play competitve tf2 seriously, even at all anymore. I want to just game with people I like.

Chicky <3

They're actually pretty cool people. I hold them close.

Quotes and shiz

*DEAD* Blushilicious : get your faggot furry ass out of here sleepy time

*DEAD* :spades: : brutal
big woofer was automatically assigned to team BLU
qwer : just the way i like it
DIE MAGGOT has joined the game
(Voice) meaty: Help!
qwer : get the ropes honey
(Voice) meaty: Help!
Nigeria : *dab

Lazycook : *something non-english*
qwerty : can you repeat that?
Lazycook : I have bad english
bermilloop : I think it's your mic, not your broken english
Lazycook : no no mic good, english bad.
bermilloop : okay im going to teach you english, say cheeseburger
Lazycook : Cheeseburger! :D
everyone : YAAAY
bermilloop : omg you're learning! say wall
Lazycook : *in a very stereotypical mexican accent* noooooo senior.

bermilloop : okay two things. Good luck.
5phunky : how's that two things?
bermilloop : ... good is one, luck is the second one.

Anarchy Angel: I just wanted to put an arrow in your butt
bermilloop: You're just ASSking for it
Anarchy Angel: HA

bermi [author] Just now
qwer (qwerty) 36 minutes ago
hey its us DA CATHEDRAL BOUYS back atcha with that THICC sleeping AcTION

don : I'll peck them with my inappriopiate zone.

qwerty : I'm going to be an alcoholic like my daddy Elm.

*when you get six people to play beggar soldiers*
Jcepe* : man i hate when a group of moms come and play tf2

meaty : You can't OwO your way out of this

qwerty : I'm going to OwO right behind you...

Bermilloop : Body pillows are the best, you can come snuggle them the night away and shit.
Presto : Pills are supliments you dick head
Bermilloop : I SAID PILLOWS.

?Captain Presto?: COCK*
?Captain Presto?: JKIFisgkrdth
?Captain Presto?: DICK SQUEEZE
?Captain Presto?: SHOOT HIM
?Captain Presto?: FUCKING DO IT

Bermilloop : I'm going to stab you
Yoshi : I'll shoot you
Bermilloop : bet you won't
Yoshi killed an innocent.
Bermilloop : bish you shot me.
Yoshi : "my friend shoots me prank (GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL) (NEARLY DIED)
Soup : Why does it have to be sexual?
Yoshi : Gotta get those views somehow.

Minorait : Why do you have 24 cowmanglers?
Bermilloop : Idek
Minorati : Do you like mangling cows?
Minorati : I'd become a cow skewer.
don : Mino..?

er - Today at 7:26 PM

er - Today at 7:27 PM

Minorati : Don quit nuzzling against my crotch

DumplingLord: sleepy can i eat u
sleepy time: depends

*DEAD* VulCancer : that's a really good strat meat heavy
qwer : thanks
Cranges McBasketball : stop fucking spawn camping you degenerate pricks theres like 4 people on this server are your dicks that small
der : yeah
Ziphy : mad
qwer : sorry
qwer : i was really mad at the door
*DEAD* Minorati : Oops
*DEAD* der : touch my cum

Bermilloop : oh boy three am
Crybabybird : <ass eating noises>

Dance Pad #nerfbardorfeed : Bermi more like Germy
bermi : ew

*DEAD* A. Maida : Bermi is a gay furry
*DEAD* A. Maida : He literally has porn as his picture.
A. Maida : Get him out of here.
A. Maida : Kick him.
(TEAM) bermi : lol
*DEAD* Alexander The Pretty Good : who
A. Maida : Bermi, he has furry picture that is gay
*DEAD* Sneky Snek : whats with the sniper 90% of the time getting random crits on melee
*DEAD* A. Maida : KICK HIM
*DEAD* J.Kahuna : Did you not see the barrage of lmaobox ads
BasketChase : what's with spies getting 100% crit on melee
*DEAD* A. Maida : no
(Voice) chief chiken wang: Incoming
*DEAD* J.Kahuna : Lmao all the votes
*voting fails lmao*
*DEAD* A. Maida : okay
A. Maida : so he is around 30 years old with a picture of a fox hugging while fucking another fox on a bed
A. Maida : K then.
A. Maida : I'm only 12 mate.
*DEAD* A. Maida : You're fucked up very badly.
*then he gets kicked*

He did have a few comments on my profile but he deleted them. :(

-[FF]- Soup : Eat me, don't drink me.
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