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Quotes from people:

[Starter] Kasmas: i kiss my mom with my dick

[Squire] Jake: how does one land on the third dick?

[Learning] Frrquent: i wonder what viagra would do to a kid

[Demon] generalschrimpf: no swearing on our christian server cunts

mallow banned It'sNotALeaf for 1 day (racism/trolling)
[Squire] [GA] FATman *Ω*: Oh my! This is the first time I've witnessed a good admin on here. Dope!

[Peasant] «sғ» waffle: mallow is a tranny

[Nightmare] sɴᴏᴡʏᴅᴜsᴋʏ: mallow would you be able to rape me?
[Nightmare] sɴᴏᴡʏᴅᴜsᴋʏ: kick me*

Adam: mallow is having faggot fantasys

*SPEC* [Squire] Caelum: god marshMALLOW ur so RETARDED

N᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ayanical: You're so sweet and insulting


[Experienced] sunny is a hoe: fuck mallow
Yixi has changed his name to mallow
[Experienced] sunny is a hoe: wait

[Starter] Lil' Flamoes: Bye, going to work on my hack script

[Psycho] [cG] generalschrimpf: You sound like a grown ass man, fucking act like one.

Rovo: I bought my brother a pair of shoes and a dildo. Im going to give him the shoes first then the dildo so if he doesnt like the first present he can use the dildo and go fuck himself

Astroswift: hey uh mallow
Astroswift: I just want you to know that you're a good person and all
Astroswift: and that I believe in you no matter what you do

*SPEC* [Peasant] E X P A N D D O N G: Mallow is like the gayest guy i know

Darnzy: I feel less drunk because I’ve bee n drinking since 11 but my mind is so ecexcited to talk to you that I can’t spell

lem0n to Staff: i am literally willing to pay $35 paypal for amy to get a 6 month baan

[Brawler] Blue: config isn't cheating, It's just being smart with your keys.

[Professional] Cloockes: I want mallow to touch me in certain places.

[General] [Cancer] mallow's #1 run (Time: 00:00.460) has been recorded and is now set to be displayed by the WR bot!

[General] [M.L.G] mallow's #1 run (Time: 00:06.369) has been recorded and is now set to be displayed by the WR bot!

[General] [Crazy] mallow's #1 run (Time: 00:01.260) has been recorded and is now set to be displayed by the WR bot!

[General] lemin (STEAM_0:0:83329442) has disconnected from the server. (Reason: Banned for a remaining 999999965612 minutes)

Ɣirgo: i get a rapey vibe from u lol

Indi: I'm going to fucking kill you
mallow: ;-;

Snowflake: make a jizz factory thats just a bunch of boxes of jizz on the map

moonlightbae: i stuck a kitkat up my vagina

moonlightbae: ohshit
moonlightbae: look at those tattoos
mallow: ye i have 2 sleeves
moonlightbae: i'm gonna cum

*SPEC* [Experienced] [cG] snow: i can strip u
*SPEC* [Experienced] [cG] snow: ;)

snow stripped mallow

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if you like my maps, It helps a lot

This is a Prop Hunt map I was working on sometime before christmas but I gave up on it to persue a different map, I came back to it recently an
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Created by - Bènaki
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depression 19 hours ago 
Zero Two Feb 19 @ 10:50am 
There is absolute gay and hypothetical gay. Absolute gay are things like traps. Hypothetical gay is actually technically straight. Take the infamous trap, Felix, for example. If Felix were to drink a potion that converted him into a futa, then Felix is now potential waifu material, and no longer a gayboy.
Bènaki Feb 19 @ 10:34am 
fakin niga!!!!
Niflheimr Feb 19 @ 9:24am 
omg fak. I am offline!!!! I'm on da phone!!!!
dream Feb 19 @ 12:06am 
Sharkie Feb 18 @ 4:35pm 
no u