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Well Gosh Diddly Darn.   United States
I will accept your friend request, but you MUST give me a reason. ALSO before accepting your invite, I will run a full background check. If you are BANNED on SteamRep, I WILL block you.

**By the way, if you haven't been online for 30 days or more, I might remove you from my friends' list

~That One Medic Main -- the godsend of any match has arrived~


New Goal: Make Team Failboat, a team of us ragtag mercs into the heros of our division!

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/441ben

* I'm but a mere programmer who's universally liked by everyone, except when I intentionally piss them off ;3
* I travel often, but I don't have any friends near my home.
* You would usually see me playing Team Fortress 2, doing Homework, watching YouTube, or maybe Putting Together a Mod (But mostly YouTube).
* I am OBSESSED with Festive Lights (Explains why most of my stranges are Festive).
** That's all you really need to know about me..**

*still wants to be dead*

"i hate crots." -me 2014
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=TFB= RTK | trade.tf Apr 10 @ 12:46pm 
+rep nice person and great player
RazE Apr 9 @ 9:24am 
+rep has made the spiritual successor to HTS
Gooch Butter Apr 6 @ 8:45pm 
+rep nice and fast trader. would trade again.
RazE Mar 5 @ 11:01am 
-rep looked away for .5 seconds
RazE Mar 5 @ 11:00am 
+rep called me a "Pro sniper". It's a lie
=TFB= Baconator Jan 20 @ 4:43pm 
This guy is a hard opponent, he will always win in air shots overall hes BEAST at fighting! keep it up! =)