Steve   United States
“People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead." - Edith Wharton"

I Love My Wife Lynda, So Much.
She Loves me. I am Greatful, Every day.

This years Resolutions:
reducing # of games Unplayed,
to be More Loving to my Wife,
and learn a New catalog of Songs.

My PC Built May 2015
Intel I7 Haswell 5820K x99 4.1 GHz clocked(OC'ed from 3.0GHz)
Corsair Graphite T760 Case Red lit LED Fans
AsRock Extreme 3 Main PCB MBX99EXTREME431
Corsair Vengance DDR4 16GB 2800Mhz(OC'ed)
240GB Sandisk SSD
Win 8.1
6.5TB Drives Caviar black 64 MB cache 72x spin
Corsair RGB K95 Color Keyboard (w/ 18 Macro Keys)
Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse
Thermaltake 1200 Gold 80+ rated 1200W PWS
EVGA GTX 970SC 24%quieter (Stock)
Corsair Water Cooling H110i 240mm radiator, twin fan
BluRay/DVD Burner 52x spin
Samsung 24 inch Monitor w/2ns response
Phillips 42 In. Monitor/ TV
Stereo Logitech Speakers 2.1

You dont' Have to spend a Ton of money
to get Good Game Performance:
I am Comp-TIA - 'Licensed to Build'- Tech
All the license showed me is;
You Dont Have To.
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Steam: Survival Guide
Hi: I'm Steve, or Baznoc™.
Hi, Steam, Present, and Future Friends!

Alll of my Friends: if you've Friended me and you haven't Read My Page,
I have some Important Guidelines, and I Would Like For You To Give Them A Read.

My 'Profiles picture 'sayings', Courtesy and, With Permission, from Rebel Circus™

Just to Let you Know, UP FRONT - This Profile is a Profile for Adults. (yes, I am OLD)

I'm 60, and Married. My Wife might have Issues with another Woman(so would I, because Lynda is an Awesome Wife.) I Don't consider this a 'Dating site'.

I'm sorry, but what I write, sometime, has No place in the Sight of Minors. I Can't make exceptions.

First: If you'd Please Respect My Page: - You respect Me.:


My Page, My 'House', My Rules, on This page.

Post Maturely, Here.

My Friends, Won't allow that kind of treatment on their page.

Im aware I have to be polite on their page, also. That's called 'respect'.

Second: 'Friends' and 'Flame'

I Will report you for Flaming/Abusing/ Or Talking Trash to my Friends.
I Love Steam Moderators For That Reason!

Third: Privacy: (Recent Changes)

I'm sort of a Private person, I dont chat when I am in game. I devote what time I can to gaming. I dont come 'Online', as often as some might like, but I Do chat and Always answer invites! I Will answer evey 'chat' sent, but its Usually after I finish playing.
Fourth: Work:

I Commonly Work onlne, with Steam up in the back, Please Understand; I usually focus on Work, First, before I can respond to you in Steam. I'll be on, but, Just watching, Most days. I'm just not very social. I do like people but, am a loner, somewhat. Quite often, I Won't try to bug you and chat, unless You get in touch. I respect Your time to 'Play', along with all the other Friends we both have, and the replies we give to them, too. Having Friends Is a tough job. I can only have a small amount, for that reason. My Friends are a Very Important thing to me. I dont like thinking; they dont think I care.

I Do.

My Friends Understand. They are my Friends, and have seen me at my Worst, and Still care.

Those are the kind of Friends, I have. They are the BEST!

Now for the FUN stuff!

I Love accepting Friend requests, But if you would; Please read my page:

This Statement is My opinion; Your's may Vary.

Opinons are like,... like Orgasms: Only Mine counts here on my page, and I could care less about Yours. (roll-over the line to find out) but just in case. My opinion is my own, and I am satisfied with my position. I'm Not starting a Cult. I want Friendship, Not followers. My Position on Some things, might offend Some,... Others will Totally understand.

This is NOT a race, OR a test. You can be whatever Level you Want, but to Cheat to get there, is unacceptable, for me. (I don't personally Have to complete a game fully, and win all achievements, just happens sometime.)

*I WAS accused of cheating. I Don't take that Lightly.
(*Direct Quote from their moderation page)
"Please bear in mind that you're not entitled to a second chance.
If AStats moderators don't believe you're being forthcoming and are withholding or falsifying information, or if the severity of your cheating was at abysmal levels and that you cannot be trusted to play fair again, your appeal can be outright denied and can even result in a full block."

"Hey MOM! Astats thinks I'm a Criminal!"

Astats; you Amaze me.
THAT'S why, you are Totally full of it.
*(See Below)

* I respect people MORE, who can admit to playing as Bad as me. I play Bad, I'm Not Ashamed. I have Few complete games. I kill at some games, others, not so. Im Honest about my gaming prowess. It takes Guts to admit, and thats what I look for in Friends. Some People will Always be better, than me, at gaming. I accept that. I celebrate that! I play Guitar better than anyone Anybody has known, personally, IMHO.I consider that, an even trade. You can make up your own mind if I cheat. I was going through the Astats site, and the Reason they have me on the 'Watch List', is because of three games. Now get this: The Binding of Issac, Torchlight and The Stanley Parables.
Can you believe that S***t? Those games havent beeen loaded in my PC for years...I Told you, These PC's have a Mind of their Own and I had(at that time) 'blown them up' so often, This, isnt surprising. I was Dev for MS. It was my Job to blow up my PC.
I quit MS, and the Developers program. THATS why my stats are skewed.

Do you think the Admins. at AStats are even Aware: I'm almost 60, Do Not Need to cheat, because Im So Close to having to 'Fess up for Anything I did, when I have to account for my life'? Im Old!
Give me a break.

That being said; screw Astats.

True Experience, though.

I Do like to know who you have hiding in your friends list though. Be aware youre responsible for therm, too. I gauge your Friendship with You, not on how Many achievements, or what Level you are, but, how Trust-worthy you are. I do NOT buy SKINS for anyone.
I TOLERATE Friends VAC's, or Trade Bans. (to a point)

Hey, Im real about this Friend thing, [sp](and I Know some of your friends have a Bad rep.)[/sp]
I Regularly use for reference. Your Friends define you. Just watch it. "Trainwrecks", will be removed as soon as they are found.

If your Friends are Banned: this a Different thing. I can find out about that and unfortunately its a fatal blow for our friendship. If I find as Ton of Your Friends with banned friends you might be ejected from the Friends list, and only Criminals need be concerned they Will. Most of you dont fit that description and are Wonderful People! I Value Your Friendship. This is House-Keeping,. and Business Only. Cheating, Scamming, and being a Dick, will get you ejected fast.

I Do NOT Buy SKINS, or anything, for That matter, for CSG, for Anyone. That gets reported to Steam. You Will Read that, in 2 places in my profile; If you Read. Then, You, Won't be a Friend, anymore. Think, 'Business'.

That is My *MUST* Do! I just request you Pay Attention to Who is your Friend, and if they Hide people, we are trying our best to get Away from.

I look for the Best people, as Friends, and keep Them. I have added some New faces, so keep an eye on the list! I only keep the best people. I can have a 'ton', but this approach works better! I'm not starting a cult.

I speak English , being from the US, so I often only keep friends in This hemisphere of the globe. *(not All, but I speak English and thats about it. I Love meeting people from other countries!) I do try, to have friends from other countries.

I like speaking English. It took me Years to learn. Someday, I will be able to Type well, too. Expect that translations on the net Usually are terrible, but I will 'give it a go' to chat! I surprise myself, sometime.

I Ignore, usually, lower than Level 10 requests and random invites without shared friends. This is being evaluated all the time.

It's Really good to have a trade history more than 2 years in Steam before I'll gift, or trade with you.

Asking/begging me for something is a bad habit, and isn't something I like. It will get you Banned, as thats scamming. I Do report it. I dont Buy Skins for CSGO. I'll report That Thats scamming too.(second reference)

: (a definition and explanation I can live with)

Be Honest with me, and show Me some some respect. I like to believe we're 'Equals', and that's Important to having a Friend.
*Didn't you enjoy my short story?If you read it through I Want You as a Friend!
If Not; Oh well, I tried.
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I am leaving a review of Ghost of a tale. I was SO excited to get this game. I know its Early Access and un-finished. That isnt a Big deal.
Game p[lay is easy but glitchy graphics made some f the play harder but I didnt care!
If you bought the early access game and then let it up date when the newer version comes out you get Unlocked surprises that the people who Didnt getthe early version. I like that!
Bugs, updates helping, asking help form the devs, all done with Ease. These guys are Really Devoted to making the game work!
I'd buy this on the sheer graphics and the lead character. He is a cute mouse.
If you can put up with 'issues' because you Know this is in development now, then you wont have issues.
If you dont you Will becuase this game has them.
I adored the game Cant Wait untill its finished, and give this an 8 for its current state and I think it will be a 10 when its done.
Id buy it, to see what you get when its done!
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Accumulated Pictures and Desktop animations, for use with the "Wallpaper Engine".
I Use these when I want to customize my desktop.
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Created by - Baznoc™
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Market Transactions
I trade with Friends.
Do Not ask how much Money I have in My Wallet: I will report you as a Scammer.
I have Games, Coupons and Cards. If we are Friends, I like to Give games for the pure joy of giving, but only at my interest, and asking," if I 'have anything to give you'", is frowned upon.
Do Not Beg me for games! It's Ugly, and I hate it.
I am not tough to trade with! I love to trade fairly, value- for- value. (Sometimes Better, if I need the cards bad enough!)
Not All things are' 'on the market' so don't be offended if, I just like that icon or background and don't want to part with it, but we can help each other!
I love great backgrounds and icons, so if you'd be willing to trade those, we can make our own sites,
Look Awesome!! I am preparing this space to allow everyone to see my emoticons.
I appreciate the games I have been given, and the people who help me stay safe because there Are gamers who are Scammers! Nothing here for you!
It's a Good habit to give.
Game on!
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Created by - B.O.S.
252 ratings
I started this guide to try to locate all the hard/very hard lock-picks in DL. They respawn, so with the maps we can look for golden weapons and goodies through the Slums or the Old Town maps more efficiently.

57 police vans located.
48 "hotspots" fou
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Hehe, as a woman I can say that profile picture is mostly accurate.
Killer Rabbit 12 hours ago 
That is an appropriate profile picture!

So how do tell if someone has a beautiful soul without tearing them apart first?
Mysterious Bride ❤ 13 hours ago 
Dear Steve, I love your new profile picture! It made me giggle... Especially, because Chris took me shopping yesterday for a few things I needed... lol... Then I read your messages, and listened to the song you linked. I got misty eyed too. Thank you my friend! You and Lynda are beautiful souls, and I hope you have nothing but happy years before you both!
Thank you for accepting me
Hope we chat more soon
Have a nice wonderful day
Baznoc™ May 22 @ 6:59pm 
If you live in the U.K I care about you and if you were at All brushed by this Tragedy in Manchester. Please, let me know whats up. I care.
Baznoc™ May 22 @ 1:07pm
When I heard this song when I was young, I thought I heard the Finest Love song, ever written. I still believe that, about this song.
It is posted to celebrate Vicky(Mysterious Bride ❤), and Her Husband, Chris's 10 Anniversary.
It is an Unbeleivable accomplishment. I'm So Happy for them!!
I know because I tried, 2 times, before I could do it. I dont take the accomplishment lightly, but I DO believe it should have a badge attachecd to it.
It Should be an Extra Badge: (Married: "Sucker for Pain")
Then, go up in Levels, every 10 years.
100 XP,... every10 years of marriage. Sounds fair.
I know I'll be sticking around Lynda for as Long as Possible.
Happy Anniversary, Vicky and Chris. I know it was difficult, and worth Every moment.