Jammin' Jelly   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
all the ladies making money throw your hands up in the air

(comment before you add me if i don't know you)

i'm a freelance audio engineer that specializes in mixing and editing (hire me)

i enjoy music, movies, catching water in my mouth when i'm showering and spitting it all out at once, screaming, pictures of skeletons, long walks on the beach, and puns so awful that it makes everyone in a 5 meter radius sigh very loudly

me 6s demo very good yes :)

not sure how i would describe myself in terms of divisions in esea (probably around mid open - low im???) but i'm in ugc platinum

i played spy for one season

(it was terrible)

Me_A_burger4 (Score:20) defeats bing bing (Score:14) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle

wall of things i thought were funny and was going to continue adding onto but i stopped like 4 years ago so the only person is name:

[RHОB] Darkus : I made my own medieval style medley.
8-Bauwl : This is going nowhere
8-Bauwl : Coolio
[RHОB] nombre : coming to local concert halls
8-Bauwl : lol
[RHОB] nombre : it'll sell out in two days tops

6:29 PM - you: there's been a guy spectating on turbo for about 7 hours now
6:29 PM - you: his name is "Gaston"
6:29 PM - you: nobody spectates quite like gaston

4:36 PM - nombre: so a madagascar village was hit by the bubonic plague
4:36 PM - nombre: this goes against pandemic in every way

12:27 AM - name: jenga is a game where you stack wooden blocks
12:27 AM - name: you then pull blocks until the tower falls and everyone yells the game's catchphrase:
12:27 AM - name: "FUCK"

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-Rep,Made fun of a guy with autism
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mr bones
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Look buddy, i'm an engineer. That means I solve problems. Not problems like "What is Beauty?", because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy.

I solve practical problems.

For instance; how am I gonna stop some big, mean mother hubbard from tearin' me a structually superfluous new behind?

The answer? Use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun.
Like this heavy-callibre tripod-mounted little ol' number;

Designed by me.
Built, by me.

And you best hope, not pointed at you.