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XDarkOr 17 лис о 13:12 
Why can't I select Games Exchange which are blacklisted?
Maybe I want to get a second copy of the game!
in the settings of this paragraph there are but it doesn't work. Why?
ЅДм╬мДN 9 лис о 11:04 
“Myths which are believed in tend to become true.”

© George Orwell
Lon von Manteuffel 8 лис о 0:20 
hi,i'm interest in your inventory
Xin 5 лис о 5:31 
+Rep, fast and friendly trader!
dragonfly59 18 жов о 2:33 
+Rep for a new good trade with a great trader
Ray2332 10 жов о 15:07 (user 'ReDir' should be his comment)