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TouhouFun преди 16 часа 
Hello. The person put the status of "dispute" before I sent the game, after I sent the game and clicked "completed", but he said that he can not change the status from the "dispute". It's real? And how change status to "completed"? He accepted gift, what I sent him
XDarkOr 17 ноември в 13:12 
Why can't I select Games Exchange which are blacklisted?
Maybe I want to get a second copy of the game!
in the settings of this paragraph there are but it doesn't work. Why?
ЅДм╬мДN 9 ноември в 11:04 
“Myths which are believed in tend to become true.”

© George Orwell
Lon von Manteuffel 8 ноември в 0:20 
hi,i'm interest in your inventory
Xin 5 ноември в 5:31 
+Rep, fast and friendly trader!
dragonfly59 18 октомври в 2:33 
+Rep for a new good trade with a great trader