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9:58 PM - T.w² | balon: the linear algebra guy is here and ready2math
9:58 PM - WCFAN | Peace-Maker: :(
9:58 PM - WCFAN | Peace-Maker: a friend is here and ready to beer
9:58 PM - T.w² | balon: LOL

9:54 PM - WCFAN | Peace-Maker: wow, 2 hours of refactoring and it works right away
9:54 PM - WCFAN | Peace-Maker: now i've earned a beer.

balon: Hey Peace-Maker did you have a beer today?
Peace-Maker: OH! GOOD IDEA!
Peace-Maker: I'll be right back
*bottle opening*
Peace-Maker: "Ahh"

03:18 - tw a: Will you be on your PC soon?
03:32 - WCFAN | Peace-Maker is now Online.
03:33 - WCFAN | Peace-Maker: Uh, just got into a bar
03:33 - WCFAN | Peace-Maker: Why?
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There’s only one thing I want to change about you, and that’s your last name.