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Baldurs Tod Aug 19 @ 5:07am 
@Bervesk Rage: open a discussion in the group
Bervesk Rage Aug 19 @ 5:03am 
Title: [BUG] Cannot add weapons
Content :
Browser: Google Chrome
Class: All class
Item: Doesnt display any items
I am unable to add any items,cosmetics since it doesnt display when i click + (add)
ArcticBear Aug 16 @ 12:10pm 
Hey i kinda need help in sfm. i have been looking at your guides and other guides and i still cant find Lil Bitey hat in SFM. in fact it doesnt show me anything that is from hnw2016. please contact me if you are willing to help. thank you
The Canadian Mafia Aug 6 @ 9:49am 
Hi, I have some suggestions for loadout.tf. I know you're probably busy, but if you have time I'd like to talk for a minute about some ideas. :)
added for help
Blades Aug 3 @ 7:07pm 
Hi, added to talk about loadout tf and getting our items in it.
TGP25|F.D.G|g4stly Aug 3 @ 7:41am 
i need help w loadout.tf read my comment on group plz
DOÜD Jul 29 @ 3:22pm 
Added to talk about weapons.tf
Fatal Death [YT] Jul 23 @ 9:38am 
+rep thanks for helping me <3
Fatal Death [YT] Jul 23 @ 9:25am 
Added for help pls ;-;
Baldurs Tod Jul 23 @ 9:25am 
@Pokémon Center Lady: Ok, they changed sand king animations recently. I'm going to investigate on this.
BlackRode Jul 23 @ 7:52am 
Please sign my profil :>
Bojoku Galak Jul 23 @ 7:23am 
bro the sand king animation is not working it seems appear in frozen state. i browse in google chrome. other hero is in good one.
Λ L T R I X | skinhub.com Jul 14 @ 12:41am 
Added for help
Vipes Jul 11 @ 3:18pm 
See you fixed them. Thanks man.
Vipes Jul 11 @ 2:39pm 
Uploaded them, but they don't seem to want to work. The items are, Tainted Tome, Conjurer's Capuchin, Verve Vestment, and Sorcerer's Sabatons.
Vipes Jul 11 @ 2:31pm 
Thank you. Sorry if it was a bit of trouble.
Vipes Jul 11 @ 2:29am 
I have the goldstar zip, yes.
Vipes Jul 10 @ 5:26pm 
Small feature request. On Workshop.tf could you make it so you don't have to be the item uploader, just as long as you're actually listed on the item. I have a few items of mine I want up there, but since I'm not the uploader, I can't do that.
PiTiKiRB (Not Dead Yeet) Jul 6 @ 7:07pm 
Added to talk about some problems i am experiencing with loadout.tf
Bartholomeus Jul 5 @ 2:03pm 
Good man
LloydTDS Jun 15 @ 5:18pm 
Love your work! Added to ask a couple quick questions if thats cool with you. Thanks!
POLISH CHARGE!/ bday soon Jun 2 @ 11:12pm 
Added about tf2
Zee Captain May 28 @ 1:45am 
Elllllo man :D
Baldurs Tod May 21 @ 1:09am 
@Vipes: what do you mean ? It seems to work fine.
Vipes May 21 @ 1:02am 
Workshop items seem to be broken again for loadout.tf
Dave The Nefarious Wizard May 16 @ 12:43pm 
I use loadout.tf.
Baldurs Tod May 16 @ 12:29pm 
@Dave The Villainous Wizard: Out of curiosity, do you use http://loadout.tf or http://whatsnext.loadout.tf/ ?
Dave The Nefarious Wizard May 16 @ 11:15am 
I did, and they're not showing up.
Baldurs Tod May 16 @ 11:09am 
@Dave The Villainous Wizard: type the name in the search box on top of the item list.
Dave The Nefarious Wizard May 16 @ 9:52am 
The new cosmetics aren't appearing. I scrolled through the whole list of cosmetics, and can't find them anywhere (the one I'm looking for in particular is Blast Defense). Help?
t h i c c May 16 @ 7:39am 
i see. thank you baldurs!
Baldurs Tod May 16 @ 7:33am 
They are in the list after swissmass 2016 cosmetics.
t h i c c May 16 @ 6:16am 
Hello. Sorry to bother you but how exactly do we access the new miscs in loadout.tf? You said they were already there but were lacking thumbnails,but theyre just not there. I understand that these miscs are new and there might be issues,but i was just curious. Thank you and good job on loadout.tf its a very useful site and helps us let our imagination loose,or make loadouts well never get because ee cant afford it lol
dafuq May 5 @ 8:35am 
yeah, thanks, will do this when i can
S.O-Shock May 5 @ 8:10am 
Thank you verry much..this will help me out a lot
dafuq May 5 @ 1:26am 
Baldurs Tod May 5 @ 1:25am 
Use this link and check the transparent background option. http://loadout.tf/alpha.php
S.O-Shock May 4 @ 11:48pm 
Yo one question.Is there a way to export the pics with transparent backgrounds?
iZ Bodyguard May 1 @ 7:20pm 
Mihai May 1 @ 6:48am 
Baldurs Tod can i please add you?
teckton Apr 27 @ 12:15pm 
Like, the graphics for the player models that are used in-game.
Baldurs Tod Apr 27 @ 12:01pm 
What do you mean ? I don't use DirectX
teckton Apr 27 @ 11:30am 
Hello! I have a question regarding loadout.tf
Will their be DirectX9 support sometime in the future?
cleftcast Apr 16 @ 5:26am 
Can i add you and ask a query about an sfm mod you published that i'm having troule with?
Honda Civic Apr 5 @ 9:58am 
Is the federal casemaker included in your all class comsetics pack for the Soucre Filmaker Workshop?
POLISH CHARGE!/ bday soon Apr 1 @ 12:46pm 
I want to ask about loadout.tf
Fluttercreep© Mar 31 @ 7:19am 
got a question about something in sfm i couldnt find elsewhere
GoodGuyLester Mar 28 @ 12:59am 
sup dude
Vipes Mar 16 @ 4:48pm 
Alright thanks. It's been like that for awhile, but always assumed it was just my pc.