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bakon Jun 22 @ 6:21pm 
stop being bad
iko Jun 17 @ 5:08pm 
farmed achievement cunt .kys u bitch
bakon May 14 @ 7:23am 
DNDEBUG May 13 @ 5:16pm 
Who the fuck doesn't like traps?
Päsli Mar 19 @ 10:05am 
+rep called my profile picture cute
funiek Jan 6 @ 5:32pm 
How do I scope in as Papuan tree sentry?
How do I stealth in as European business man?
how doth i hoot O2 as hazmat suit fellow
How to build Shooting Turret gun as danish violinboy.
How do I megaflop as the candian rocket bombardeer?
As science hillbilly, how do I deploy a tiny robo-cop?
Yo, how do I double jump as the freakin' Bostonian-Bat-Boy, huh?
How do I sprint as cyclops?
how do i throw grenades
how do I cloak as the terrorist
How do I fly welsh dresden decimator?
how do iron scope with oceanian MP40 marine
wen do i get acog scope 4 sniiper rifel
How do I craft unusuals?
how do i shoot lasers with dentist
how do i turn on invincibility shield as stephen colbert the nazi scientist
how do i get the glowing lightning shotgun for polish plungeneer
how do i make lemonade as the outback steakhouse guy
how i pottis
how do i equipd cold blooded perk as italian vaper