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Not bad.
Posted June 5, 2017.
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If you like Neon Chrome enough to be looking at DLC, this is a decent addon mode, it's kind of like a Neon Chrome light. I do not regret my purchase. It's pretty much exactly what I expected from the trailer and description. Would reccommend.
Posted January 19, 2017.
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I regret buying this game because it doesn't work properly. It has severely limited in game options, a 30FPS cap (removable in ini files), and it deleted itself the second time I launched it. The textures commonly fail to load properly and the game lags and judders after a few minutes of play, I started running at above 60FPS and slowly dropped to below 30 over about 10 minutes.

If I could get a refund I would.

If all this gets fixed I will update this review.
Posted June 23, 2015.
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First of all let me say this game is quite fun at it's core, the movement mechanics are cool and the shooting is spot on. The visuals are good and there are some really nice character designs. The issue I have is that I lost all desire to play when I realised that the monetisation strategy is filth to say the least. Let me explain.

Progression in this game requires real money.

To attain a new warframe, which is basically a character class with a unique ability set, you need 255 Platinum, their hard currency, which equates to £15 or there abouts, or you can grind the following.

25K credits (free soft currency) for the blueprint.
25K credits to craft the blueprint when you have bought it and have the head, chasis, systems, and an orokin cell.
The Orokin Cell can drop from any boss, be given as a log in reward, or drop as a reward from a tier 3 (highest tier) survival mission.
15K credits each to craft the head, chasis and systems.
Additional fairly common resources are also required to craft for each component that must drop in game.
Each component item takes 12hrs to "build" and the frame takes 72hrs to "build" once you have "built" all of the components.
Each component can be "rushed" to completion for 25 Platinum or £1.40, and the frame can be "rushed" for 50 platinum or £2.80. Totalling 125 platinum or roughly £7.00. Around 50% reduction in price for a huge increase in farming time. If you didn't rush you would be waiting a minimum of 84 hrs to "build" one frame, of which there are 22. It would cost roughly £300 to buy all the frames.
Apply this logic to any item type in the game.

Get your grinding boots on, give them a lot of money, or play something else. I uninstalled the game and will never play it again.

Not recommended, the game is clearly balanced around extorting players, not balanced around playing and progressing at a reasonable pace.
Posted January 18, 2015.
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This game is at least a 9/10. If you have ever enjoyed a twinstick, buy it. Rest assured, this is such a well designed game, slick movement, beautiful graphics that don't impede your ability to read the arena and a really aggression oriented scoring system. There's no messing about, just bomb everything. It's not when to use the bomb, its maneuvering into the perfect position before it times out, hitting slomo and detonating it. Getting into the lizard brain zen state in Waves is awesome, I haven't played them all but this has to be the best twin stick you can get, if someone has a better one PM me now.
Posted August 2, 2013. Last edited January 24, 2014.
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