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_____ PONY DID IT AGAIN ______

ϟ Frenchy ϟ (F2P): hey pony
ϟ Frenchy ϟ (F2P): i head that ur bf is ksc
ϟ Frenchy ϟ (F2P): is it true?

ZWHT: pony
ZWHT: u and ksc dating ?
ZWHT: @@
♥ Pony.: HUH

♥ Pony.: 11:27 PM - ♥ Pony.: i think
11:27 PM - ♥ Pony.: i can adopt syntix to be my lil bro
11:27 PM - ♥ Pony.: so blur, ez to bully
syntix: oi
syntix: who you send to
♥ Pony.: i typed de

cfall : pony wru
*DEAD* ♥ Pony. : in your heart la

*DEAD* SuchDoge : pony is a aimbot user

Monoji: You are just one tier lower than Rajoo
Monoji: .w.

♥ Pony.: ive got no skills
♥ Pony.: but ive got brains
♥ Pony.: LOLOL
Dally: but u got KSC

*DEAD* laggingoutofthisworld : wtf
laggingoutofthisworld : after dating ksc pony has become a sniper main

quantum : pony our proestest sniper
*DEAD* ♥ Pony. : proestest from the botttom

♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: you're my "brother" from a different mother
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: HAHAHHAAHA
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: WE SO SIMILAR
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: PUI
syntix: wah aiseh
syntix: you can become a guy liao
syntix: then i can call you brother liao
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: hello
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: you're my brother
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: not im your brother
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: BRO.
syntix: yah hor
syntix: sorry ah late liao
syntix: brother tired liao
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: unless you're my sister from another brother
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: idm having a sister instead
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: LOL
syntix: oh i will pass on that
syntix: although it would be interesting to have lady parts
syntix: lol
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: LOL
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: that is so gonna be on my wall
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: DUDE.
syntix: oh pls
syntix: you forever exposing me
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: HAHAHA
syntix: exposing my dark side
♥ Pony. [text if dont reply.]: that's what friends are for
syntix: when im supposed to be an angel

♥ Pony.: i not creating le ar
♥ Pony.: i think we going to play tf2 soon
o2xide: we are playing tf2
o2xide: u mean l4d
o2xide: lol
♥ Pony.: OMG
♥ Pony.: good morning oxide
♥ Pony.: what a beautiful day
o2xide: LOL

(TEAM) ♥ Pony. : i feel like
(TEAM) ♥ Pony. : eating sashimi
(TEAM) ♥ Pony. : LOL
(TEAM) o2xide : can i be ur sashimi
(TEAM) o2xide : smooth ikr
(TEAM) o2xide : HAHA
(TEAM) ♥ Pony. : that's gonna be on my wall

The Exalted Sniper: so im just going to ask you
♥ Pony.: join you?
The Exalted Sniper: join me in india
The Exalted Sniper: haha
♥ Pony.: but i need to have a reason
The Exalted Sniper: do u
The Exalted Sniper: lol im only joking
The Exalted Sniper: but youre taking my invitation so seriously i chuckled lol
♥ Pony.: yea
♥ Pony.: i did
The Exalted Sniper: kinda touching

Epi : oh god pony is her
Epi : *here
Luna♠ : and ksc

Spoop : pony?
Spoop : PONY?
*DEAD* ♥ Pony. : yea?
♥ Pony. : HUH?
♥ Pony. : woah
*DEAD* Spoop : ARE YOU
♥ Pony. : im everyone's wife now
*DEAD* Spoop : wait
*DEAD* Spoop : You know cfall right
♥ Pony. : yea
Spoop : lET ME GUESS
Spoop : You have a white horace head
♥ Pony. : yea
Spoop : On your pyro and engie
♥ Pony. : yup
Spoop : holy shit
Spoop : say hi to cfall for me i love the guy

♣ Eve: pls dont give me heart attks
♣ Eve: whenever i see ur name
♣ Eve: i feel like crying in the corner
♣ Eve: T^T

quantum : pony mvp

Nobu : Pony
♥ Pony. : ?
Nobu : i heard ur a legend

Aegir ♤ : you look beautiful today as well pony
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♥ You're probably my superstar.
if i forget who you are, please pardon me, cause i've got a condition of forgetting people easily.
if i ask "you are?", please pardon me if you were someone i knew for a long time.
only accepting friend requests from people with mutual friends or that i've seen/played with in game,
otherwise please comment and i will do as fit.

I can be really warm and fiesty, but I could also be an ice block to these people. I won't leave nobody behind cause I care about everybody who's my friend, ONLY UNLESS they're the ones who left themselves/abandon the rest, ones of bad attitude/manner, or ones who're hyppocrites, two-faced and not genuine.
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

i wonder if you'll be my teddy bear just like the one i have.
i wonder if i could just hug you in my arms all night like how it always comfort me.
i just love teddies so much so it's impossible to tell you how much i love it.
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

♥ Pony
Eleadora L. U. V.
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

What you probably need to know:
Sweet but savage. be cause imma female gamer.
I may know how to play a violin but I may not be good at gaming
I may laugh too much sometimes.
I love animals.
I will only speak my native language if you're a native as well.
Accept friend requests. Keep it or delete it, at my discretion.
Feel free to invite to games. Apologies if can't play when invite.
If I ignore when pm, it's probably cause I'm too busy, or you're harrassing.
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You can stalk, but just so you know I'm watching your every move as well.
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“I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours”
― Alice In Wonderland
“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
― The Little Prince
“If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless.”
― The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

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