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So if you're reading this you probably got here by way of my YouTube channel or livestream, so first off thanks for watching!

For the longest time I was able to accept every single friend request that come my way here on Steam but unfortunately as my subscriber and follower base grew so did the friend requests on Steam.

My friends list would be constantly full; funnily enough I would get to the maximum of actual requests, which by the way is 200, very quickly. I would see dedicated followers in my new requests but not have the space to accept because a lot of my friend spots were taken up by people who just wanted me on their friends list and barely even came to my streams, watched my videos or even played Payday.

This to me wasn't fair, so I made the choice to restrict who I accept on Steam going forward. People who support me on Patreon are accepted immediately as I send out invites to those people and need them on my friends list in order to do so. The only other way is to be extremely consistent in streams and videos. Consistency does not mean a week lol

I have a Steam group, on my profile, which is the best way you can join my games. It is extremely simple to do so. Join the group, then head over to my profile, click my name and hit join game. A pro tip: have Payday 2 open already. If steam has to load the game first then someone may get in before you.

Please be aware... this button is not broken! You do not have to be on my friends list to join a game! There may be a lot of people trying to join at one time and there may only be 1 spot available. If you're watching in a stream, your internet connection may put the stream 10 seconds behind what someone else is watching and got there first...

Anyways, I hope I get to play with everyone!

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Máténak hívnak 20 hours ago 
+rep i love this guy his making amazing videos <3
KillMachine Jul 26 @ 8:38am 
💎Jovi Jul 25 @ 6:34pm 
yo b33, are you willing to give a trade offer link for us to give cards to you to level up and add more subs to your friends list? just wondering.
Adit Bhimani Jul 25 @ 6:08pm 
wow my friend is b33's friend huh
SanityHawk Jul 24 @ 3:26pm 
hi mate im a sub, love your streams and videos mate