Jack   New Jersey, United States
my name's sly - don't be upsetti, have some spaghetti
TF2 is my favorite game, and APP is a cool community
i don't accept invites from people whose profiles are private unless i've met them through other means, no exceptions

scout main, roamer secondary; offclass engi/heavy, and occasional spy/medic

plans/goals for tf2
-play in open [ ✓ ]
-play plat 6s [ ✓ ]
-play plat HL [ ✓ ]
-100k kills on my festive scatter [ ✖ ]
-enough duel wins for a platinum dueling badge [ ✖ ]
-learn2amby [ ✖ ]

you do you, i'll do me, and we won't do each other. probably.

remember kids, drink your school, stay in sleep, don't do milk, and make sure you get eight hours of drugs

i smoke crack with a rolled up constitution

studies show that keeping a ladder in your house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. that's why I own ten guns, in case some maniac tries to sneak in with a ladder.

record id; stop

hud_combattext 1
hud_combattext_batching 1
hud_combattext_batching_window 2
tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 1

note to self:

kuro chairo no neko


-c. heart attendant
-b. flames tough guy's toque
-beams ze goggles
-o. planets blighted beak
-v. plasma glengarry bonnet
-c. peace sign l'inspecteur


great googly moogly
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{System.out.print("YOU SUCK");}

My name's sly, and I enjoy the videojames videogames

I like to alias a LOT. Mark me down as "sly" if I'm on your friendslist, it'll save you a lot of confusion.

Useful Links

My UGC Player Page []
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My Reddit Page
My Twitch Page (MAYBE SOMEDAY) []

Competitive History


UGC Season 16 - NA Steel - Duck Sauce - (Scout) - 5-4 Placed 22nd
UGC Season 17 - NA Gold - Guitar Heroes - (Scout) - 3-5 Placed 14th
UGC Season 18 - NA Platinum - Sex on Acid - (Scout) - 1-3 Team Hiatus...
UGC Season 19 - NA Platinum - Arm-Sized Thumbs - (Scout) 4-2 Replaced...
UGC Season 20 - NA Platinum/NA Gold Merge - Sinful Six - (Scout) - 2-5 Placed 12th
UGC Season 21 - NA Silver - Cold Ice - (Scout) - 7-4 Placed 2nd!
UGC Season 22 - NA Platinum - secret bonus levels - (Scout/Leader) - 4-4 Placed 8th
UGC Season 23 - NA Platinum - krongle dane fan klub - (Scout) - Upcoming
ESEA Season 18 - ESEA-O Central Conference - Guitar Heroes - (Scout) - 9-7 Placed 24th
ESEA Season 19 - ESEA-O Central Conference - Guitar Heroes - (Scout) - 8-8 Placed 30th


UGC Season 13 - NA Iron - Golden Frying Pan - (Scout) - 3-5 Placed 79th
UGC Season 16 - NA Steel - Glamour Squad - (Engineer) - 11-1 Placed 1st! NA Steel Champions!
UGC Season 19 - NA Silver - Dissapointments Per Minute - (Engineer) - 8-4 Placed 2nd!
UGC Season 20 - NA Platinum - grapeSquad - (Engineer) - 4-4 Placed 6th
UGC Season 21 - NA Platinum - xO - (Engi/Scout) - Upcoming

UGC Season 6 - NA Silver - 4skinz - (All-Class Sub) - 4-3 Placed 24th
UGC Season 10 - NA Silver - shaking my head - (Scout Sub) - Upcoming

Hall of Quotes

sly: match is at 9:30 est friendo
w9 spooky vyde: stfu nigger

dinner: You're a tumor Garfield, but God made cancer, just like he made lasagna, except I made the lasagna. Does that make me more than a man?

sams: 668
sams: the neighbor of the beast

rusty: taste STEEL EVILDOER

cardz: you best stop that "J COLE" shit and put on some "YOUNG THUG" or else i'm gonna suck every last dick in this olive garden

rusty: jesus man that's a nice bottle of water there to drink please just go ahead and sip it for me that's right perfect form there with the water bottle notice the 45 degree tilt wowee just keep drinking that water man, purified right from the alps that's some fresh water right there right there I say wow get in there

sly: if u had to pick one song to fuck to and one song to die to, which would you pick?
cr0c: i'd pick the same thing, and it'd be gangam style

steven: bruh i'm so high
sly: do you ever think its called sand because it's between the sea and the land?
steven: do you ever think it's called sky becaues it's between the sky and the sand?????


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