Rob Marshallsay   Dorset, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Play mostly 1990's-2000's crap because I'm a special snowflake.
Favourite games, System Shock (1&2), Deus Ex, Max Payne, Theif: The Dark Project, Anachronox and anything else made by LucasArts, Warren Spector or Star-Wars related.
Current Specs (I shit you not)

Processor - Intel Pentium R E5700 (3.0Ghz) <3 <3 <3
RAM - 4gbs DDR3 shit I got off eBay for a tenner
Motherboard - Some 2015 Gigabyte thing I also got off eBay
ROM - Western Digital Green thing, it's beefy

Old 1440x900 monitor I also got from eBay
Shit £9 HP Keyboard that is awesome
Microsoft wireless mouse (because my desk is a mess and the wires get stuck, i'm sorry)

Oh yeah, and this ancient MacBook Pro I use to play old Windows games

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