Long name for testing AntsHUD
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Ok, we got the main stuff out. Here's some less important stuff.

-Pretty weird in general
-Not very social really
-Can be helpful at times
-"creative" typically i have ideas i want to do but...
-Half biased, Half open minded
-Pyro Main

Stuff I do
-Play TF2/CSGO
-Learn new things to improve

-Friends for me are people I can have a nice chat with or trust
-I don't like having too many since I forget those who are close
-These are some rules I have

-If you add me, say something or I will remove you the next day.
-Don't add me just because I'm a HUD Creator or a TF2ber
-I'll keep you in my list if I like you who you are as a person.
-Inactive friends will be remove whenever I clean up my list

-I like to edit videos I want
-Channel Itself

-I made the HUD since a lot of the HUDs didn't have what I wanted.
-AntsHUD Links

- AntsHUD Directory [huds.tf]
- GameBanana [gamebanana.com]
- GitHub [github.com]
- Screenshots [imgur.com]

Trade Link
-I don't trade anymore.
-I find that trading is useless if you aren't going to sell it for real world stuff.
-It's like trading time for pixels.
-I only see it being good if you were extremely deicated to TF2 and want cosmetics on your classes.
-Even then, gimmicky stuff like festive weapons and cosmetics can just be pointless for me.
-I can live without those things for sure.
-Anyways, here's a trade link for donations. I appreciate those since those shows people support me. I would prefer it better if you just message me instead giving me pixels honestly.

Trade Link
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Red Zed Nov 21 @ 5:55am 
its called hoovyhud, you can find it on gamebanana
No problem and that’s nice
Red Zed Nov 21 @ 5:40am 
thanks for updating your hud, btw i made my own hud
Azazel Nov 20 @ 9:38pm