big shaq do big maths
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Please don't be upset if I decline your friend request, my friends list keeps filling up and I can't keep track so if it's related to ScriptFodder please open a support ticket on there or if it's about Deathrun please discuss it in the official Facepunch thread or on the github issues page.
ok dude, enough is enough.
there are 2 points... delete my conversation which we had in steam, else i will go on by law (yes, i have the right on my sede ==> privacy) else i will go MUCH HARDER ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and beleve me, you dont want me to go any of these ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! u write shit like i dont have any idea? funny that only u idiot cant join my server, other are able to see EVERY of my server and they ARE able to join.... next thing is, i can see if anyone is TRYING to connect, and you were not!!!!!!!!! next thing, you wrote in steam some shit like that u asked some other guys to connect / to find my server.... they were not? wow, its easy as fuck a toilet to fake shit like that... cause i cant handle with your addon dont mean i dont have ANY knowledge about gmod... im running ANY kind of servers (AirRivals, GMOD and much more) since YEARS, and u wannabe want to tell ME that i have NO motherfucking clue about anything? well, R.I.P dude, i hope u will do the right thing.... FOR YOU. if see anything in the next 24 hours, i will go on and get the law on my side.... and if u dont think i cant argument.... u getter should stop scripting. i also wrote after i was setting up a TOTAL CLEAN server (yes, i installed a DarkRP server from 0 to clean, only basics in) there your addon worked, i also wrote that i dont want to start allover again.... i didnt read all of your pastebin shit and i think there is more than 50% missing, else edited....

but remember my words.... if you dont accept PRIVACY..... i will go by law.... u have 24 hours, starting now!!!!!!!!

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poly Nov 13 @ 4:43am 
does small shaq do small maths🤔
Freaky Oct 30 @ 2:41am 
Hey mate I sent you a message on scriptfodder but I realized you haven't been online in a while.
M r B A Y M A N Sep 6 @ 1:04pm 
You are banned for: Chargebacking or unauthorized claim on script 1110. Your ban expires at Never

I have to give you $ 21, then you can validate it at gmod store that I have to pay
M r B A Y M A N Sep 6 @ 11:24am 
I owe you $ 21
Raul Jun 15 @ 6:36pm 
Hi, it seems like Deathrun Neue is breaking pointshop with the new pointshop update. You should look into that.
Chilybones Jun 8 @ 1:44pm 
Hello Arizard, I was hoping you could assist me in my issue with Deathrun Neue. If you don't do 1 to 1 support, I was hoping my ticket at least on your Github could be answered. Thank you