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Sounds like a similar problem I just had with BBCF. Perhaps you may want to try updating your NVIDIA drivers directly off NVIDIA's website (should be version 382.05 or 382.33) and try if it works?
In all honesty, I seriously don't see the possibly of convincing you. You got your answer, so I'm locking this.
Originally posted by jackjackjackNcoke:
It's just so blatant to me. If it's not scummy developer tactics than what is it?
I don't know, just a me trying very hard to juggle so many things and trying to keep everyone satisfied? We're not a thousand-men big company.
May 24 @ 11:48pm
In topic Rev2 DLC Price
REV2 deluxe will not have REVELATOR DLCs. They are separate.
Having that said, "REVELATOR (base game) + REV 2 upgrade pack bundle" of $44.99 will include the 3 REVELATOR DLC characters.

Wait for the English press tomorrow, it'll be more clear.
May 24 @ 10:41pm
In topic There is a new update on the way?
I can confirm my DS4 controller is working, albeit the buttons seem a little messed up now. Might need to re-set your button configurations, apologies for that.
May 24 @ 10:34pm
In topic Temporary Fix for Black Screen (Win10)
The newest update v1.04 should finally address this issue. Kindly let me know if anyone is still stuck with the fullscreen blackscreen issue. Thank you.

And no, stuttering is a different issue, mostly to do with insufficient graphics board specifications. We can't help with that, sorry.
Before this erupts into yet another dub war, I'm here to warn everyone to watch their words.
May 24 @ 5:03pm
In topic So, my life sucks
I remember there's a refund option for having bought the game recently and the game getting a price slash soon after.
May 23 @ 12:25am
In topic Anoying bug in training mode
Try pressing directions while resetting the position.
May 20 @ 5:10am
In topic This issue is a serious deal breaker...
Originally posted by strider_sp:
I'm still baffled, Shini didn't said a single word about it yet.
lambda and Es for lyfe.
Keep any more personal attacks up and I'll be banning all those involved. Everyone.
May 17 @ 11:20pm
In topic Black fullscreen.
I wouldn't be so sure to say the driver updating has to come AFTER v1.03.
I'd prefer to have more feedback from other users after updating the drivers, thank you!
May 17 @ 11:08pm
In topic Black fullscreen.
*Edit, because Poe's law: In case anyone doesn't understand, that's just a me waving both my hands high up in the air.
May 17 @ 10:58pm
In topic Black fullscreen.
Originally posted by Slaskburk:
I'm already on the latest 382.05 drivers following my spec post. I can attempt a clean install and/or a rollback.
I just had a laptop that had the problem, and verified that it worked once I installed 382.05 off from WHQL drivers. Also manually downloaded off NVIDIA site and installed from the exe file.
May 17 @ 10:53pm
In topic Black fullscreen.
Okay, we're narrowing this down.
I suppose you guys are all using NVIDIA cards, yes?

Kindly check if you have installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA, not Windows Update.
It would greatly help if you can let me know the results, thank you.

*Please, please, PLEASE do back up your save data before trying, thank you.
May 17 @ 4:41pm
In topic Banning Community Members
You can post your issue generally here on the community board without targetting it to me. If enough people back it up and comment on it I would have noticed it. But addressing it is a separate issue.
May 17 @ 4:36pm
In topic Banning Community Members
Deleted the whole chunk.
May 17 @ 1:11am
In topic Banning Community Members
Originally posted by China:
Yeah here's another unrelated topic. Basically all of the threads discussing dubs have been locked. I see why one of them was, but all of them? Come on, that's just attempting to bury the issue.
I did not lock that last one.
And if I don't respond to a particular issue, it does not mean you can bring it about wherever you go.
May 16 @ 9:45pm
In topic Black fullscreen.
Just to check, for all of you guys experiencing the black fullscreen issue, are you connecting your computer to a monitor via HDMI?
May 16 @ 9:27pm
In topic Keyboard Player Woes
Perhaps you can tell your friend to verify game cache. Also, are you using QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard?
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