Fai   Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I have impersonators. So be careful when trading with Aommaster-ish people! I do NOT have any alt accounts!

Chemical Engineer, Mathematician, Gamer, Magician, Photographer, Collector of Interesting Things. 'Tis all!
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My name is Fai, and I am a Chemical Engineer, a Mathematician, Magician, Gamer, Photographer, and a collector of interesting toys and objects. My hobbies include programming, playing Starcraft II (as well as Steam games, of course!) and collecting interesting items, such as toys, mathematical and scientific displays. Pictures can be found on my website, as well as my blog.

I have a website which you can check out here [] to find out more about me.
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If you are interested in trading the above games, please add me. Fair offers only, please! I take TF2 keys, Sacks and ToD's, and very specific card sets.

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As always, beware of impersonators. This is my only account.

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ProtoReaper Dec 10 @ 5:44am 
+rep great and fast trader, thank you!
CarLNC Dec 2 @ 4:14pm 
REP trade on Barter.VG, thanks!
Sladas Dec 1 @ 5:26am 
+rep Great trader
Rev Rea Dec 1 @ 3:56am 
Hello Aomaster,

I saw your portal 2 post on a steam forum and I am really interested in you playing levels I recently created. They are co-op, but I do not mind playing the second player. The level are at this moment not online, but I will do that this evening.

I have made alot of portal levels in the past and even though I am getting positive feedback from people playing them I always think they could be better. I am pretty ocd with that.

I used to make single player rooms but I found out that building coop rooms requires way more brainpower and I love the coop element.

Great post and I hope to hear from you. Add me if you want btw.

Rev Rea.
misut Dec 1 @ 1:28am 
Good trader, easy and fast! +++REP!!!
/u/humpaaa Nov 14 @ 12:05am 
+rep, thanks for the trade