Anonymous Heavy
Don't try to scam me   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Thanks everyone for being so nice :) you know who you are :D
lol plat my ass
14:26 - Pendulum: youre actually bad, you got 50% heals
14:26 - Pendulum: still did shit yo 50%
14:26 - Anonymous Heavy: i shat on u lmaooo
14:26 - Anonymous Heavy: ur just salty
14:26 - Anonymous Heavy: sooo salty
And the he deleted me

salty autistic fuckwit xD
17:36 - Blaze: lol
17:36 - Anonymous Heavy: mge? :)
17:36 - Blaze: dead ass your trickstabs where whack
17:36 - Anonymous Heavy: i dont main spy lol
17:36 - Blaze: you failed 2 stair stabs in like 20 seconds somehow
17:36 - Anonymous Heavy: so what idc if im bad at spy
17:36 - Blaze: how comes you have some set for spy
17:37 - Anonymous Heavy: i have set for every class
17:37 - Anonymous Heavy: ...
17:37 - Blaze: what do you main then
17:37 - Anonymous Heavy: erm
17:37 - Blaze: erm
17:37 - Anonymous Heavy: Heavy
17:37 - Anonymous Heavy: ...
17:38 - Blaze: you cant trickstab so stop acting like your a good spy plz lol
17:38 - Blaze: dead ass
17:38 - Blaze is now Offline.
Blaze : who else loves it when a tryhard thinks he is good getting a 20KS against a noob team lol
Dr. Zas killed Svedge with long_heatmaker.
Dr. Zas killed Mezza with long_heatmaker.
Anonymous Heavy : cuz I am good lol 1v1 me :)
benjamin.ulfur killed BoTTo with long_heatmaker.
Dr. Zas killed Témp with long_heatmaker.
Prugnastyle killed "Ondra" with tf_projectile_rocket.
Svedge killed xD with tf_projectile_rocket.
Teagon killed TP_Brigade with quake_rl.
Dr. Zas killed Svedge with long_heatmaker.
benjamin.ulfur killed Teagon with long_heatmaker.
*DEAD* Svedge : omfg
Blaze : 1v1 as spy is the shittest idea i have ever heard
TP_Brigade : lol.. are we pushing the cart or they
TP_Brigade : xD
jaz0424 killed Mezza with ubersaw. (crit)
Anonymous Heavy : i never said spy
Anonymous Heavy : add me
Blaze : you only think you are good cuz you are against a shit team
Anonymous Heavy : 1v1 me any class u like
altele24 suicided. (crit)
Blaze : im better than you as spy mate
Blaze : your a dead baller
jaz0424 : well im shit, so i play med
Anonymous Heavy : add me
Prugnastyle : how to use spy command
Anonymous Heavy : I'll invite u to a mge server
*DEAD* Svedge : wow u r good at winning vs a 2 less ppl team and with heavy medic
Blaze : no thanks dont add cancer people
Lobby received with a differing steamID. Lobby's: [A:1:1303706630:8484] CurrentlyAssigned: [A:1:1303706630:8484] ConnectedToMatchServer: 1 HasLobby: 1 AssignedMatchEnded: 0
Anonymous Heavy : pussy :) <--- Thanks Ben <3
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Not for trade lol

eksdee lmao
23:04 - Anonymous Heavy: bnp is basically dead right?
23:04 - Jacko720: ye
23:04 - Anonymous Heavy: ye
23:04 - Anonymous Heavy: lel
23:04 - Jacko720: cus their where rasist twats

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