|Alex EatDonut|
Don't Trust This Flag ----->   United States
Keep your "I don't judge but go die" for yourself, I don't want to give aguments to childs.
I swear I play TF2 since 2012 and people still think I'm a noob...

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My Username : |Alex EatDonut|

Hey man, I have a ALT account : http://steamcommunity.com/id/randumF2P/

If you say shit about me, I will find you, I will block you, and I will report you.

Here, have a donut

TF2 is dead, thank for all these 5 Years in TF2, i luv all the ppl I met :'3 BACK FROM THE DEAD, let's go have fun.

My Favourite video game ?
-Borderlands 2
-Payday 2
-NOT A HERO (for the indie "category")

My Donations to Youtubers

-Over 10 low cost item to : NISLT
-A robot chicken "glove/hat" for Pyro to : Rk Montalvo (he don't accept)
-A medic taunt to : Яeixi2525

Me in some video of other Youtubers:

How to craft :
- Max's Severed Head(4:08)
- Bill's Hat(6:12)
- Unusual Team Captain(3:54)

Ninja Cookie TF2 Exploit - Re-Teleportation (Spawning in Teleport Exits) [PATCHED] (3:31 in the scoreboard)

-Zap' de Reixi [N°12] | Connexion en or (Reixi revoved his video)

I'm no more a freaking brony, you can stop calling gay now

⎛⎝_______⎠⎞ Now it's the devil's horn...

All games I have :
Welp... I have a lot of games...just take a look at the "Games" tab.

I also finished NOT A HERO in a 100% legit way you haterz

YouTube Channel :

My channel (It's about sum sh*tpost)

If u want to know moar :

I like to :
-Make friends
-Play with them in COOP
-Laught about Gibus on TF2
-Laught about Mexicans Noobs in Minecraft (the game is ded)(French people say "mexicans" for noobs in minceraft don't ask me why...)
-Did I say I luv My Little Pony ?

I hate:
-Those against free-to-play game players
-CoD Player
-G.E.W.P Lovers
-Stoopid Poeple

I'm am no more a brony but i still luv them (no homo), they are awesome poeples. <3
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are you eat donut
i has donut
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WTF pourquoi m'avoir retirer friends steam ?
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j'te add psk tes bo
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