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트와이스 우주소녀 여자친구

3500(?) dpi, ingame 3.2, 3cm/360 . zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.4 . no mouse accel

ƸӜƷ 지연 (Score:20) defeats Pinoy Pang-Sai (Score:5) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire

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lackadaisical and lukewarm (Score:20) defeats parasistence (Score:19) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rip spamfest~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
tehgibusguys (Score:20) defeats Spamfest (Score:17) in duel to 20 on Badlands middle
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when u change ur background for the first time Kreygasm
3 3
fuckin cancer []

[Raider]Falcon : im looking at the respawn screen more than gameplay

Misty: Guess who is my sniper
rip mousepad and internet: u?
Misty: Haha ofc -.-
Misty: Tell ur sniper
Misty: That he will get fuck
Misty: Bye :3

ShadyR : fuck this..lemme jump off this clip with full uber

Gavin-ish : nice hacks noob
nedla : thanks
Gavin-ish : fuck this shit
Gavin-ish : !add
You gained 1 points.
nedla (Score:13) defeats Gavin-ish (Score:2) in a duel on Badlands Middle

ycd: are you
ycd: korean?
nedla: no , why
ycd: ah
ycd: nono
ycd: your
ycd: good
nedla: ok lol haha

(ALL) ADMIN: you guys are (partly) why i drink

(ALL) ADMIN: we appologize, Ghost is very bad at singaporean
(ALL) ADMIN: and he smells like rotten apple sauce

[JA] learning sniper has reached [3rd] Pogo Course [*] as a Scout.

(TEAM) Beats#broke. : i onlly played med for 4 hours

Toodle : legend stop fucking things that don't exist

(TEAM) Hemaera : how can i play demo????????????????

pokemaster#nub : i just watch 2 girls 1 cup
[SOAP] Your attacker had 125 health remaining.
ned : what a weaboo
(Voice) ned: Incoming
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : i watch 2 guys 1 condom
Crystal : spec join
Crystal : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ned : 2 kids 1 sandbox
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : blow it like bubble gu,
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : gum
AsiaFortress himari : maybe you should watch some videos on how to play pocket instead
ned : ^
Crystal : LOL
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : who?
vetia : burn
Crystal : OHHHH
Crystal : OUCH
pokemaster#nub : ,e
pokemaster#nub : me
AFG|TuffNachaoz,EvisceratorOfF' : oh
Crystal : OUCH

teertyy : i can make a trap music with elapsed mumble

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