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Free signings as long as you provide giftapult
make sure you have a return trade offer
11:48 PM - TayK-47: Idk if i can give kids

ESEA Open Season 18 - 3rd
ESEA IM Season 19 - 1st
ESEA Invite Season 20
ESEA Invite Season 21 - 4th
ESEA Invite Season 23 - 3rd
FACEIT Open Tournament - 3rd/4th
ESEA Invite Season 24 - 1st
RGL Season 1 - 1st
ESEA Invite Season 25 - 1st
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moodeerbwaii Sep 11 @ 1:21pm 
arekk Sep 10 @ 7:08pm 
arekk, shade, b4nny, botmode, blaze, habib
moodeerbwaii Sep 10 @ 6:45pm 
what is the current froyo roster?
bless up Sep 9 @ 7:08pm 
for me, it's the a70 supra
the greatest looking car ever
the amazing supra name
the SEXY 7MGE, even if her head gaskets are a little loose... heh
she makes for a great anything the a70, la
melatonin :3 Sep 7 @ 1:42pm 
added for signing issue, if u dont accept: i gave u the lvl 1. scatter here's my trade link
apathy lf silver hl scout Sep 6 @ 6:36pm 
added for questions