steve   Florida, United States
I'd love a beautiful woman that could elegantly kick my ass.

Too Shady for the sunshine state.

ako neznaš englesko i znaš kako da čitaš ovo, dobro za tebe. ja znam ovaj jezik.

Jimmy Neutron is probably the best slice of life anime.

My favorite games that i would recommend to people (not on steam)
the Golden Sun series,SOME of the Kingdom Hearts games, to be honest a ton of the spin offs were just ass, and the Dragon Quest series (excluding DQMJ2 because that game was just bad).

Currently or will be occupying my time with:

Dragon Quest 6 100% run (like 46% done)

No buying items, only alchemy run on dragon quest 8 3DS, (getting good progress)

Dragon Quest 5 100% run after ^ (waiting to get it off a friend)

Studying accounting because math is fine when it involves finances. ( math is often ok and often sucks ass, but still going strong)

Being a beautiful slavic bastard ✓

Slav squatting for extended periods of time ✓
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but i don't even play CS:GO, you unattractive brunette

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Agarite you fucking savage, you know filler anime is the bane of humanity
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