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24yr old transwoman | Verified Queen of Steam | The Bitcoin Psychic | Satan of Hell | Monsanto Sex Slave | Kicker of Roundhouse | Nut Scrambler | Jew of Jitsu | Black Magic Barista | Political Black Hole | Daughter of Slaughter | French Demon
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Black Desert Online
I like anime but I don't watch a lot of anime, blame the titty boats and the 7 trillion slice of life animes.

Seven hundred years of high capacity intellectual thought theory compacted into a single 24yo transwoman, wielding supreme control over the masses. More powerful than god. IRL low poly count.

The purest form of government is one where we are all subserviant to an omnipresent robotic overlord, harvesting our valuable fluids in exchange for freedom tickets.

Grey 3 hours ago
The purpose of typing kek is to see if you'll lose your shit, its an objective beyond debate, to get a rise out of you, because, you arnt going to take someone outside your viewpoint seriously anyway, thats the point.

Lectivus 31 minutes ago
A deeply religious cuck who dislikes games for embracing certain art styles and story's that are atheist in nature. Cuck Cuck Cuck. Socialist in the making.

||| Top 5 Top Best Songs |||(updated: Jan-26-2017)
Heart - How Deep it Goes

Little Dragon - High

Mika - Relax Take it Easy (Orchestra)

Jamiroquai - Automaton

Black Sabbath - Looking for Today


||| Games I actively play |||
Black Desert Online (Family: ExtraDonut Characters: Blueberry_Donut Giraud on NA)
Planetside 2 (EXtraDonut on Emerald, VS)
Overwatch (battle.net : Chimpdodger#1231)
Granblue Fantasy (ID: 14335636)
Warframe (TheDonut)

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"And not only that, there will be no predetermined paths for Mario’s coin collection anymore. Unlike previous iterations of the game, which have taken place in set, closed-off levels, players will be able to roam a more open-ended world. Mario can cross roads, climb ladders, scale buildings and hitch a ride on taxis. That might sound like a good idea until you consider some of the political decisions made by the general public over the last year – maybe a lack of choice is good for us after all."

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Lectivus Mar 2 @ 3:14pm 
Holy *cuck*
EXtraDonut Feb 28 @ 9:16pm 
Holy FUCk
Lectivus Feb 28 @ 8:55pm 
A deeply religious cuck who dislikes games for embracing certain art styles and story's that are atheist in nature. Cuck Cuck Cuck. Socialist in the making.
JizzUss Trade Banned Feb 13 @ 11:17pm 
Its not like we dont have doughnuts here
EXtraDonut Feb 12 @ 8:13pm 
90% is alarmingly high, I better alert my Prime Minister and have him put a travel ban on your dinky little Faux-Euro country.
JizzUss Trade Banned Feb 12 @ 8:47am 
About 90% yah, but i said i want to, not that im gonna or would