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Text that you should not bother reading
Some info about me

Making SFM posters for 6 ref (Less than 6 ref if it's simple and more than 6 ref if it's complex)

Name - Alex
Age - 21 Old but immature af
Main - Spy

Not all f2ps are noobs, some are actually nice, and i'm totally not saying this because only 1 month ago i was f2p

Feel free to message me, I will probably respond

What my status means:

- Online : Probably on the internet, watching youtube or browsing 9GAG - I will probably respond to messages

- Away : Eating. Message me, but i will respond with a delay

-Busy : Doing stuff from work, message me, i will respond

-Offline : Self explanatory, will probably not respond because i don't get notifications on my shitty phone

Don't bother leaving a comment with a reson why you are adding me, i will accept anyways

If i'm gonna remove you from my friendlist, i did it for the following reasons:
- Begging for items (I've been there too)
- Scam attempt
- Hacker
- Asshole
- I just don't like you

Some links

Trade Offer

My []

You probably saw i put a in front of every idea, not because i'm organized or something, i just wanted to show it off

memes are the only reason i didn't suicide yet


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