Detroit, Michigan, United States
The skyline was beautiful on fire,
all twisted metal stretching upwards,
everything washed in a thin orange haze.
I said: "Kiss me, you're beautiful.
These are truly the last days."
You grabbed my hand and we fell into it,
like a daydream or a fever.
- Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Dead Flag Blues

For music with happier lyrics, you should check out Vukebox [] maybe.

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Check out and join my music video project Vukebox []. Post some songs you think I and others will enjoy! If you want to hear more about Vukebox then you should join the Vukebox Steam Group . If you know of really great music lists or review sites please let me know about them.

I believe that gaming is an important part of our society's future. With the anonymity afforded by the internet, we all play and interact with players and creators that typically have no known nationality, political opinion, gender or even age.

There is a limit of 2000 friends and I log in to a full invite list every week... so don't take it personally if I ignore an invite. You may take it personally if you have a VAC ban, though. There will always be room in my group Messing With Scammers .

Sometimes I idle A LOT. If I don't respond it's probably because I'm simply not around. I try to catch up to all messages but if I don't, I swear it's because I crashed and your messages vanished.

On the other hand, I don't owe random people anything; not my attention, effort or patience. Don't be a dickwad or fucktard, we'll be cool. If you need a list of rules on how to act like a socially polite person you're already losing.

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Dr. DisRespect (obviously) []
GubbaTV (variety/gaming) []
AngryPug (gamer) []
Grimmmz (gamer) []
Saving Throw Show (tabletop gaming) []
Geek and Sundry (tabletop gaming) []
Bob Ross (hero) []
A Couple Streams (live music) []

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Life is Strange
Super Duper Flying Genocide 2017
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Zup 2
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I've enjoyed this game and it is easy to recommend to try as it is free without having pay to win elements, since everything except skins can be unlocked through play.

Good things are that it is a mix of CS and TF2, where special talents can create some fun tactical depth and teamplay. Ultimately, it's a good fast shooter that allows you to quickly play a fun match and that's why I like it.

However, there are significant issues caused by attacker-client-side hit detection which will eventually irritate you. For instance, even in a recorded video I've died to a single body shot from an AR when I had 110% health... which is impossible, but the attacker's client must have disagreed due to latency. Events like this will occur regularly and it will continually frustrate players.

There are also class balance issues that will continue to get worse until corrected. You may play against an entire team of characters that have indicators of your position(Saito), essentially a legal wall hack. This will suck. Also, when such a skill exists it is hard to determine when someone is really cheating. One character will not receive points at all for using their skill(Maven) which is really confusing. Some gameplay elements are completely countered by some characters(Batou vs Tachikoma.) Some skills(invis camo) and items(smoke grenades) are completely countered by cursor targeting showing enemy names.

Of course, at this point it is in 'open beta' phase, so there is hope things can be improved... but on the other hand there are already worries about power-creep with some of the recently released weapons. Despite all this I still recommend you give this game a try, as there's nothing to lose.
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"When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two
characters. One represents danger, the other opportunity.

- John F. Kennedy

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